The Green Bay Packers Can’t Stop Playing Settlers Of Catan, Like A Buncha Nerds

The Green Bay Packers are one of the best teams in the NFL. Their quarterback has one of the best arms in the NFL, their defensive line is beast, they’re legitimate Super Bowl contenders — and according to the Wall Street Journal, they’re also a bunch of damn nerds.

To blow off steam from the rigors of the season, Packers players have found themselves turning to one incredibly competitive vice: the board game Settlers of Catan. A hypothetical strategy game in which players (“settlers”) try to build settlements and cities by spending resources like ore, brick, maybe even marbles, I don’t know this game was actually incredibly confusing the one time I played it before giving up in frustration, scattering cardboard ore in my wake. The Settlers of Catan club started with right tackle David Bakhtiari, and it took off so wildly that a majority of the team now crams into his house most evenings of the week to get strategizing on building their cardboard cities that are likely more fun than Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Wall Street Journal is quick to point out that Catan fans number in the double-digits, “including most of the team’s starting offensive line,” because this isn’t just a game for those Special Teams weirdos okay?

The team has also helped jump start the local economy, sending tons of new business to local game store Gnome Games from Packer superfans who want to get in on the fun. Which truly begs the question: are the Green Bay Packers just playing Settlers of Catan, or are they actually living inside someone else’s game of Settlers of Catan in a very successful settlement? We may never know.

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