Supreme Court To Hear Four Gay Marriage Cases, May End Up Making It A Constitutional Right

  • Today, the Supreme Court announced it would consider four new gay marriage cases and decide whether individual states have the right to ban gay marriage. Given that they refused to hear seven appeals from states where gay marriage bans had been invalidated back in October, experts expect that the Court will rule in favor of gay marriage, thereby making it a constitutional right. Fingers crossed! [NY Times]
  • Miami police were caught using the mugshots of Black people for target practice. [Death and Taxes]
  • One of the boys who raped Rehtaeh Parsons and pled guilty to distributing child pornography (for which he served no jail time) says he did not bully the teen. Parsons tried to hang herself and suffered severe brain damage, and she was taken off life support. Her rapists maintain that the sex was consensual. [National Post]
  • A Kentucky state senator has proposed a $2,500 bounty on each trans kid caught in the ‘wrong’ bathroom. [Raw Story]
  • This is a great piece over at Rookie about how allies can show up without getting in the way. [Rookie]
  • President Obama is hosting a screening of “Selma” at the White House. [Deadline]