Do Men Think Your Hobby Is Sexxxxxy?

Today in news that’s exactly zero percent shocking, the Journal for Creative Behavior released a study that tells you nothing you didn’t already know about what men and women find sexy. The study, done by a University of Pennsylvania professor, interviewed 815 male and female undergraduates and asked them to rank various creative pursuits on a scale of 1 (sexually unattractive) to 5 (sexually attractive). Needless to say, men didn’t rank a woman’s love of computer skills as high on their list. So what do men find sexy?

1. Spontaneous road trip.

2. Playing sports.

3. Performing in dance.

4. Dressing in a unique style.

5a. Making a clever remark.
5b. Recording music.

6a. Producing a video.
6b. Styling your hair in an interesting way.

7a. Performing comedy.
7b. Taking artistic photographs.

8a. Performing in a play.
8b. Painting pictures.
8c. Drawing pictures.
8d. Inventing new recipes.
8e. Writing music.

9a. Participating in a drama production.
9b. Directing a short film.
9c. Playing in an orchestra.
9d. Making useful or decorative objects.
9e. Writing short stories.
9f. Making sculptures.

10a. Making clothes.
10b. Performing in a short film.
10c. Writing plays.
10d. Street performing.

11. Event planning.

12a. Interior decorating.
12b. Making websites.
12c. Growing and gardening.
12d. Exterior decorating.
12e. Renovating old or antique objects.
12f. Writing magazine articles.

13a. Making ad campaigns.
13b. Writing journal articles.
13c. Writing speeches.

14a. Entering projects or papers into a science contest.
14b. Presenting scientific or mathematical papers.
14c. Developing scientific experimental designs.
14d. Constructing scientific or technical objects.

15. Working on an original computer program.

Clearly, no real surprises here, except perhaps that women who love spontaneous road trips came in first place. Anyone who thinks a spontaneous road trip (or someone who suggests one) is sexy is clearly a lunatic who harbors kidnapping fantasies. I will never suggest a spontaneous road trip, because road trips kill relationships. Other than that, women who program computers are shit out of luck, as are women who like math, or science, or writing, or speaking. But you know, keep styling your hair in interesting ways and hang in there!

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