Bethenny Frankel, Genius, Is Making Pot That Won’t Give You Munchies

The greatest struggle in my life is the desire to not eat after 9:00 p.m. (as recommended by nutritionists, doctors, and that one ex-boyfriend who dumped me for “having the penchant to become chubby one day”) — a healthy life habit that is a complete antithesis to my other healthy life habit: smoking a j before bed, marveling at how fluffy alternative down comforters are despite not being made from real goose down, and trying to avoid the magnetic pull to graze on anything and everything inside the stainless steel best friend that lives in my kitchen. Enter my new lord and savior, Bethenny Frankel.

The best Real Housewife, whose popular low calorie Skinnygirl cocktail line has helped bored moms and sorority gals get drunk faster while maintaining their infantile waistlines, is now taking her gut-busting sorcery to the realm of medical marijuana. After touring a Colorado medical marijuana dispensary last December, Bethenny revealed today that she plans on launching her own strain of weed that won’t give you the munchies when you toke up.

The Skinnygirl marijuana will only be available in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington, states where recreational marijuana is legal, and no word yet on what the strain will be called. Skinnykush? Skinnydiesel? Either way, if there was ever a Real Housewife who knew how important it was to be able to chill the fuck out without eating all the carbs that Zabar’s has to offer, it is definitely Bethenny.

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