Ted Nugent Mocks The Developmentally Disabled In Advance Of Sarah Palin TV Special

Draft-dodging ephebophile Ted Nugent sure has some strong “words” for those in the media with whom he disagrees! On Tuesday, Nugent posted an “openletter” to his Facebook page in which he called his critics out on … well, I honestly don’t know what in particular, but something.

I believe it is at this point, that I — as a person in the media — am supposed to be weeping. Alas, this “openletter” is so incredibly incoherent that I can’t quite tell what it is that I am supposed to be weeping about. That Ted Nugent thinks we are friends, or that he thinks I eat crayons? Is this what Ted Nugent considers a real zinger? Why?

If I am going to cry about anything, it will be about the fact that anyone thinks this is even moderately clever. What have we even come to as a society?

Apparently, Ted Nugent did not even write this “openletter” himself. It’s a popular internet meme, ostensibly written by a middle schooler (I hope), that Nugent thought was so fantastically clever that he simply needed to use it to disparage the “braindead hippie logic-challenged dipshits” in the media.

Previously, Juan Pablo from “The Bachelor” got into some hot shit for posting it. Why? Because it contains the word “retard,” which is used to mock the developmentally disabled. 

Anyway, in a few weeks, Ted Nugent will appear on a much-hyped episode of Sarah Palin’s show on the Sportsman Channel.

Now, one thing I will agree with Sarah Palin on is the fact that “retard” is a shitty word to use. Having a son with Down Syndrome, she is understandably especially sensitive about it, and previously called out Rahm Emmanuel for using it to refer to liberal groups with whom he disagreed.

One wonders if Ms. Palin will defend Nugent’s use of the term, or if she will call him out on it. I doubt it will be the latter, as it seems that she is totally OK with conservatives using the disparaging term. When Rush Limbaugh used it in nearly the exact same context as Emmanuel, Palin defended it as “satire.”

Given the fact that Conservatives are more than happy to overlook the time Ted Nugent adopted 17-year-old girl in order to have sex with her legally, as well as some of his other questionable activities, it is highly unlikely they will start turning on him now. [MediaMatters]