Pastor Attacks Ellen, The Nicest Lesbian Comedian On TV, And She Responds With Predictable Hilarity

Any “Ellen” segment that ends with the line, “Audience, look into my vortex and dance with me!” has to be good, right? Right.

Pastor Larry Tomczak wrote an op-ed for the Christian Post about the gay “assault” on American programming that’s brainwashing kids into thinking being gay is acceptable and blah, blah, blah, snooze, drool. Here’s what he wrote about Ellen DeGeneres:

“Ellen DeGeneres” celebrates her lesbianism and “marriage” in between appearances of guests like Taylor Swift to attract young girls.

First of all, why is her name in air quotes? Ellen DeGeneres is her actual name. (OR IS IT? [Yes, it is.]) Ellen took issue with the scare quotes around “marriage,” saying, “I’m not ‘married,’ I’m just married.”

She went on to explain her real agenda: “The only way I’m trying to influence people is to be more kind and compassionate with one another. That is the message I’m sending out. I don’t have an agenda. I’m not here to brainwash anybody.”

It seems like a patently bad idea for humorless religious types to attack a comedian, much less the nicest comedian on television, doesn’t it?

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