Harry Potter Superfans Made Warner Bros. Stop Using Child Slave Labor

Taking a page from Hermione Granger’s Society for Protection of Elvish Welfare, a grassroots organization of Harry Potter superfans, the Harry Potter Alliance, have been been fighting a four-year war against their own Voldemort — except in this case, Voldemort is Warner Bros., the movie studio that owns the rights to their beloved four-eyed hero. But after a four-year campaign, the HPA has finally succeeded in winning its longest battle yet: to get Warner Bros. to stop working with vendors who use child labor in the production of Harry Potter-branded chocolate.

In a letter sent to HPA president Andrew Slack, Warner Bros. vowed, “By the end of 2015, and sooner when possible, all Harry Potter chocolate products sold at Warner Bros. outlets and through our licensed partners will be 100-percent UTZ or Fair Trade certified.” While the commitment doesn’t yet extend to other Harry Potter merchandise (child labor in factories remains a very real problem), the use of enslaved child labor in cocoa production has been a burgeoning issue in recent years.

While chocolate may seem a niche cause for the HPA to take up, it both aligns with the Alliance’s core ethos (to uphold ‘moral precepts’ and build a more just world, based on the teachings of the Harry Potter books), and the books’ use of chocolate as a healing salve. Moreover, chocolate is a huge part of the Harry Potter merchandising revenue for Warner Bros., which sell Chocolate Frogs, amongst other Harry Potter chocolate products.

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