For $10, This L.A. Artist Will Tattoo Any Two Words Of Your Choice On Her Body

Los Angeles muralist Ilma Gore will trade you ad space on her skin for the insanely low cost of a $10 Kickstarter pledge. She’s trying to cover her entire body with tattoos for her next exhibition, meaning, to be clear, that the process of getting tattooed from head to toe is the exhibition itself.

Why? “Each persons name to me represents YOU the main protagonist in your own story. I will be covered in a hundred tiny stories.” Well, and with a goal of raising $6000, it’d really be more like six hundred tiny stories. That’s a super-beautiful idea! She’s six feet tall, so she has the canvas to do it. Just check out her super-helpful before and after model photos:

If you choose to back the Kickstarter, you can get one or two words for $10; for $25 you can get two tattoos and she’ll tell a gypsy not to curse you (oy); for $50 you get two tattoos, no curse, a graphite sketch of what you would look like if you were a person made out of ham, and a printed photo of your tattoo; and for $100 you get all of the above plus a 2”x2” space on her leg for a more detailed design.

So yes, of course I pledged $10. Mine is going to say “Sugarbird,” which only me and my beau will understand. Anyone who pledges will have their tattoo done, regardless of whether or not she reaches her $6000 goal. Go now, the pledge period is only open until February 8!

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[Image via Kickstarter]

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