Beauty IRL: Trust Me, You Should Wear Blush

Don’t fear the blush, even though it is intimidating and weird. It’s the a product many write off as completely unnecessary. but is actually really, really important. Think about it this way: Once you’ve done all that you need to do to your face, you’re left with a beautiful, even-toned canvas — but it’s all the same color. You need some rouge, pumpkin.
Blush might seem counterproductive, because yes, you just spent 15 minutes buffing out whatever weird patchy redness on your left side, but hear me out. Look at your face when it’s all flat, matte and the same color. Look how WEIRD it looks. Waxy, almost? As if some underworld creature stopped by and sucked out like, 45 percent of your blood, leaving you with a ghostly, powdery pallor? That’s because you need some color in your face, you weirdo. Blush is scary as shit because it’s bright pink, or bright red, or god forbid, orange. You look at the color in the pan, and assume from the jump that the minute it meets your face, you’re going to look like Annabelle.
Blush is great! Blush is necessary! If you’re going to wear all the makeup on your face, might as well finish the look and make it so that you look alive and vibrant and glowing, not dead and weird. I think it’s okay to go kinda hard in the paint with the blush, too. There’s something so very charming about tiny old ladies with candy-floss hair, a sensible low-heeled shoe and a heavy hand with the blush. Aspire to those goals. Make blush your thing.

The thing I like about so much about blush is that it’s so very clearly unnatural. Makeup isn’t serious, it’s ridiculous. You can use all the tools you have available to make yourself look like you woke up with flawless skin and lush lashes, or you can go nuts and call attention to the artifice. Even applying blush is fun!  Plopping yourself in front of your giant vanity with Hollywood lights, or just standing in front of the mirror with that Kabuki brush you bought on a whim and literally powdering your face feels fancy. It’s pampering in the truest sense, because it’s entirely unnecessary but totally worth it.

Should you decide to go down this route, there are many options to choose from. Lots of people say that Nars’s Orgasm is the universal face-flatterer, but its peachy-pink hue isn’t necessarily right for everybody. As an everyday blush that works for my skin, regardless of how tan I am or not, I have been wearing CoverGirl Cheekers in Plumbery Glow since I was in high school. Benefit’s Benetint was developed as a nipple tint for strippers in San Francisco and actually works really well to make it look like you just ran a marathon or just got laid. And, if you’re looking to make blush your Lewk, there is nothing better than MAC’s Creme Colour Base in Pink Shock. Blend the shit out of it, apply it high on the planes of your cheeks, and pair it with big brows, a lot of lashes, or every beauty product you own. Do you, girl. Do you. And always, always wear blush.
[Image via Shutterstock]