Wendy Davis’s Replacement Wore Anti-Abortion Cowboy Boots To Her Swearing In Ceremony

In order to run for Governor last term, All-American Shero Wendy Davis had to give up her seat in the Texas State Senate. Which means someone had to replace her. That person was Tea Party favorite, Konni Burton — and not only is she Konni with a K, she’s also klassy with a K.

See, during her historic 11-hour filibuster against laws that would practically eliminate a woman’s right to choose in the Lone Star State, Wendy Davis wore a pair of now-iconic pink sneakers:

Hoping to make a splash with her own choice in footwear, Konni Burton decided to wear cowboy boots to her swearing in. Cowboy boots with the words “Stand For Life” emblazoned upon them. Burton posted a picture of said boots on her Facebook page, assuring her constituents that there would be no more “pink shoe drama.”

You know, if I have learned one life lesson from “The Real Housewives of Wherever” it is the “she who smelt it dealt it” rule of drama in which the people who complain the most about how much they hate it are usually the ones causing it in the first place. Wendy Davis wore sneakers to feel comfortable while throwing down for a woman’s right to choose against tremendous obstacles. Konni Burton went out and specifically had a pair of spite boots specially made for her in order to make a “statement.” Someone’s got a flair for the dramatic here, and I’m gonna say it’s not Wendy Davis. [Talking Points Memo]