4chan Drove A Book Vlogger Off Of YouTube For Existing As A Book Vlogger On YouTube — But What Classy Thing Will They Do Next?

Classy as always, 4chan used its collective powers to drive a book vlogger off of YouTube with comments on her channel that were in turns condescending, mansplaining, and vulgar. She had nothing to do with the forum’s /lit/ board; her channel’s link was posted there for a discussion about book vloggers, and, of course, the 4channers decided that the appropriate course of action was to speculate about her virginity and harass her over her looks, persona, and content.

What’s next for 4chan in their quest to sexually harass women who are doing things that in no way affect those 4channers? My guesses are that they’ll start harassing…

  • Women who post knitting tutorials: “I’ve got a needle for ya!”

  • Women who have personal Flickr accounts and post pictures of their children: “I’d make a baby with ya!”

  • Women who do ASMR videos: “Yeah you can whisper but I’d make you scream!”

  • Women who write travel blogs: “I’ve got a monument you can visit!”

  • Women who have Pinterest boards about items with Chevron stripes: “I’ll Chevron stripe your face! With my jizz! Get it???”

  • Women who sell finger puppets on Etsy: “Can I put my finger up your butt?”

  • Women who make mason jar salad tutorials: “I bet your salad is tasty to toss!”

  • Women who sell records on eBay: “I’ve got a ten-inch record you can spin!”

  • Women who write about nail art: “You can decorate your nails with my poop after you put your finger in my butthole while eating dick!”

  • Women who complain about online dating on Twitter: “Yeah you hate online dating because you still have a hymen, virgin!”

  • Women who post movie reviews: “I’ve got a five-star movie in the works, it’s of me fucking you!”

See, 4chan? I could be awful to women who do innocuous things on the internet too, if I wanted to. I just choose not to, because I’m not an asshole. [Daily Dot]

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