White Nationalists Love Billboards, Suck At Hashtags

OH HEY! Another week, another crazy-ass group of white supremacists taking out a billboard to say something dumb. It’s a whole thing now, I guess. I swear it was barely more than a week ago that I was writing a thing about the KKK putting up a billboard in Arkansas, and now some other group or person has put up another weirdo white supremacist billboard in Alabama.

This time, the billboard says “Diversity means chasing down the last white person #white genocide.

First of all: LOL FOREVER. But second, can I just say that it is incredibly sad/hysterical that these people are going around buying billboards, trying to promote their dumb ideas, and then trying to include a hashtag with a space in the middle of the words “white” and “genocide? I mean really — how can you go around claiming to be the “master race” when you’re so dumb that you can’t figure out how hashtags work?

The billboard is project of a group titled, appropriately, “Fight White Genocide.” They also want to put up billboards in the Northern U.S. that say “Anti-Racist Is A Code-Word For Anti-White.” This phrase is part of a thing called “The Mantra,” written by noted White Nationalist and Reagan appointee, Bob Whitaker and often repeated by pathetic humans who somehow think they wouldn’t have failed at life if they had been allowed to live in a country full of white people.

However, let me note that apparently the weirdos screaming about “White Genocide” take issue with being called “White Supremacists.” A post about this sign on a website titled–naturally–“White Genocide Project” states:

“If White people were superior we wouldn’t be facing genocide, would we? The media love to call us “supremacist” because it conjures up images of street gangs with swastikas tattooed on their foreheads selling drugs.

The bottom line is: they’re only saying that because we’re White.”


In case you’re thinking “What the fuck are these people even talking about with this white genocide crap?,” a cursory search on Twitter for the hashtag the group clearly meant to use gives us some explanation.

Apparently, by genocide, they mean that they don’t get to have all-white countries, schools, towns, whatever. Like, they believe they are basically being murdered by having to see a person of color at the grocery store. That is the saddest/weirdest thing ever. I mean, I hardly doubt that people of other races — and, indeed, most other white people — are dying to hang around these idiots in their spare time, so it’s not like this is something they really have to worry about. Seriously, go ahead and hang out with a bunch of other white racists. Knock yourselves out!

Because let me just say, as a white person (though I don’t know if White Nationalists consider Southern Italians to be like, full-on white people), not only do I have no desire to live a country full of white people, or a city or town full of white people, or to go to a restaurant with only white people — but I also have no interest in ever being around the sort of people who would want that. Neither, I imagine, would most people. It is weird to assume that all other white people want to live in a country of only white people, when really it’s just you and a few of your creepy friends who want that. [Talking Points Memo]