Watch How Sriracha Is Made (And Drool)

David Tran’s Huy Fong sriracha sauce is so popular that it inspired counterfeit sriracha. It has inspired fanatic prints. JC Penney sells a sriracha shirt. I know that it’s getting trashed on food blogs as a trend that needs to die, but honestly, I feel like sriracha is the skinny jeans of condiments — it’s so good of its own merit that it seems like a fad, but years from now, we’ll still be using it as a staple of our cooking. Perhaps 2015 will indeed be the year of mustard, and I welcome that development, because I have room in my heart for all sorts of condiments. That doesn’t mean my rooster sauce will go to waste.

Anyway, if you’re as enthusiastic about Sriracha as we all know you are, take a look at this video about the Huy Fong Sriracha facility and the story of its founder, David Tran. He’s a Vietnamese refugee who escaped in 1978 on a boat called Huy Fong. The sauce is made from super-super fresh, local chili peppers, and processed within a few hours of their harvesting. His goal for his Sriracha sauce is to make it spicier and spicier — no talk of expanding operations, just quality of spiciness.

Tran also claims that you can put Sriracha on anything. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, TRAN. I’ll be making a Sriracha cake to test that theory. I’ll report back soon.

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