This Homeless Parisian Bodybuilder Is My New Fitspiration

I have clearly been underestimating bodyweight exercise, because this homeless man, Jacques, has been doing simple bodyweight exercises on the streets of Paris and complimenting it with a diet designed to increase muscle mass — bought with the money passing Parisians give him — and he is a homeless Adonis. Good lord.

Jacques was “discovered” by French director Julien Goudichard last year — discovered in the way of striking up a friendship, that is, before Goudichard decided to make this short film about Jacques, titled “Street Fight.” It quickly went viral in France, and Goudichard has been acting as Jacques’ representative to TV and news media, who have apparently been rabid for interviews (I can see why). Because of the video, Jacques was reunited with his son Rémi and they got to spend Christmas together.

Goudichard is now making a full-length film about Jacques the Bodybuilder, which I will see. Heck, I watched the short in its entirety despite it not having English subtitles. He’s amazing! His dream is to come to the United States to train, and Rémi has exhorted the public to help him realize that dream – or at least to help get him a camper. Where can I donate?



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