Dream Or Nightmare: Suspended Balcony Pools

The Bandra Ohm residential building in Mumbai, India, which will begin construction next year, will include a private balcony pool for each its 100 condos. Each 70-square-foot pool will be made of aquarium-grade acrylic and feature a view of the ocean and nearby marina, but it’s also mildly terrifying. Sure, it’s a trade-up from the obnoxious crowds at your average pool, but you’re basically chilling in open air several stories above the ground. What if the balcony glass breaks? What if you’re terrified of heights? What if the water leaks somehow or your upstairs neighbor’s pool collapses onto yours? Can that thing survive a hurricane? No matter how safely that pool is built, these kinds of scenarios will haunt the dreams of even the most carefree resident.

I think I’d only like a pool like this on a quick vacation, so I’m not swimming in it long enough to get too neurotic about it. The pools aren’t large enough to be too functional for more than a quick wade-in, and developers wouldn’t commonly recommend the endeavor to developers unless they were looking for a specific gimmick that would make a property stand out. It’s a growing trend, though, and high rises like the Marq in Singapore, the Soori High Line in New York and One KL in Malaysia offer similar pools. The future Porsche Design Tower in Miami will include mid-air pools too, but that place is so fancy that it offers car elevators to its residents who can’t be bothered to get out of their vehicle until they reach their apartment door, so I wouldn’t bet on us pleibs getting to pay a visit anytime soon. Would you swim in one of these or would a fear of heights ruin the fun for you?

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[Image via James Law Cybertexture]