Sia’s Video Collaboration With Shia LaBeouf For “Elastic Heart” Is Damn Good Art, And Most Of The Internet Agrees

A few people on the internet think that Sia’s video for the song “Elastic Heart,” starring Shia LaBeouf and Maddie Ziegler, depicts pedophilia. Why? I don’t know. Well, I do, but it would be mean to say, so I’ll just think it. Anyway, case in point:

However, I’m heartened by the vast majority of responses to the video:

Sia herself said that LaBeouf and Ziegler were playing two “warring self states,” two parts of her psyche in conflict with each other. Flavorwire argued that the video, a collaboration between Sia and LaBeouf, who are both vehemently anti-celebrity, was about the confinement of celebrity. The video is beautifully-choreographed. Ziegler’s performance is insane (both in the way of “really good” and in the way of “mentally unstable”), and LaBeouf’s is heartbreaking — one of his best performances on film, in my humble opinion.

Sia also said that her intention was to create emotional content and apologized for the fact that it might be triggering for some people. She clearly succeeded, if the majority Twitter reaction is any indication: People are deeply moved by this performance, and it’s provoking them to read their own interpretation of it, to relate both to the performance and to the song. That’s good art, and thankfully, it’s being recognized as such.


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