MRA Site Accidentally Publishes John Birch Society Tract As #Gamergate Manifesto

This past November, Roosh V — a “Men’s Rights Activist,” “seduction guru” (LOL FOREVER) and proprietor of the batshit MRA site “Return of Kings” — decided to start a new website about video games called “Reaxxion.” Not because he is particularly into video games himself, but because he understands the plight of Gamergate dudes who are sad about women and “social justice warriors” ruining all the video games.


Earlier this week, the site posted an article hilariously titled “#Gamergate Is A Critical Battle In The War To Save Western Society” by a fella named Allen Quatermain who says he’s a gamer from South Africa who first started playing video games in 1979.

On the Ideological plain, the SJW’s seek always and everywhere to bring about more interference, less individual responsibility and an amoral way of doing things. On the plain of action, until the SJW’s can be stopped from their subjugation of all western society, there will be no opportunity for us to move forward at all. We have undertaken therefore to play a leading role in slowing down, stopping and eventually routing the SJW interlopers.

We Hunted The Mammoth’s David Futrelle noticed that the language in the article seemed old-fashioned and a lot like something you would have seen coming from the John Birch Society back in the day. In case you are unfamiliar, the John Birch Society (which still exists today, FYI), was a notoriously paranoid anti-communist group obsessed with the Illuminati and the New World order that is to this day still widely mocked by pretty much everyone.

Feeling suspicious, Futrelle plugged a few phrases from the article into Google … and what do you know? Almost the whole thing was, in fact, a repurposed John Birch Society pamphlet, published in a newspaper called the Reading Eagle in 1966.

Per essemple:

The SJW’s got the point and have been carrying out the indicated program with increasing furor ever since. Of course the cultural Marxists follow Lenin’s method of advancing SJW agendas by non SJW hands. They could never impose their tyrannical rules on the whole population which they repeatedly claim to represent in all western countries unless they inveigle enough non SJW and even anti SJW support among the people that will do their dirty work for them.

They deceptively appeal to every motivation in human character, from sordid selfishness, to practical politics, to misguided idealism. They have gradually beguiled a lot of very good people into joining the attack on us, until the maligning of #gamergate has probably exceeded in intensiveness and extensiveness that faced by any other organization in all of western history. In general our defamers do not even try to refute the facts on which we focus on attention, they merely call us names for bringing these facts to light.


The whole thing is an obvious troll by an obvious genius, but it says a heck of a lot that MRA and Gamergate dudes cannot even tell themselves apart from the John Birch Society.

[We Hunted The Mammoth]