Here’s Everything On Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ad That Was Photoshopped

Well, it turns out that Justin Bieber’s pubes weren’t the only thing Photoshopped in his Calvin Klein ads. An unretouched photo acquired by (good luck clicking the link, the site has been down with traffic for a while) shows just how drastic the changes made to Bieber’s relatively slender body were:

As far as I can tell, they widened Bieber’s traps, lats, deltoids, pecs, biceps, glutes, quads, hands, and penis. (For those not familiar with anatomy, that’s his neck, shoulders, chest, arms, butt, and legs.) Or, in other words, his whole body, other than his abs. Which explains why my first impression, after wanting to deck him in the face because that’s always my first impression with Justin Bieber, was that his head seemed awfully small.

I mean, yeesh. His whole body other than his abs. Including his dick. These are the moments when I understand why guys feel so much pressure about their bodies. Of course, and as always, there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with Photoshopping, but while I do feel like it’s all right to make people look maybe a little slimmer, or give someone an even skin tone, or shadow in a little muscle definition, there’s a pretty wide gap between touching up for the sake of aesthetics or comfort and creating a completely new body for the subject. I mean, Bieber’s Photoshopped body is by no means an impossible body, but who’s to say whether or not it’s possible for him, with his body type and chemistry?

If he likes it, cool beans, it’s his body and he can OK whatever version of it he wants to. But to me it sends the message that his body wasn’t anywhere near good enough as it was, as the body of a slender, fairly fit-looking 20-year-old guy, and that’s just not true.

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[Image via Defamer]

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