GASP! Every “Murder, She Wrote” Epiphany In One Video

A wonderful genius named Isaac Royffe has taken it upon himself to splice together every one of Jessica Fletcher’s epiphanies from “Murder, She Wrote” — unquestionably one of the greatest television shows of our time. For the uninitiated, the series stars Angela Lansbury as a mystery novelist living in the quiet seaside Maine town of Cabot Cove, who gets to solve all of the  murder mysteries. Because Cabot Cove actually has a 50 percent higher murder rate than Honduras (which has the real-life highest murder rate in all the world).

In case you can’t tell by my Twitter background, I am a fan.

The series is available on Netflix, so if you love watching murder mysteries be solved by awesome ladies who love jogging and don’t suffer fools gladly, I recommend taking some time during this polar vortex to indulge in the gloriousness that is Jessica Fletcher. [Jezebel]