CHECKMATE, SCIENTISTS: 12 Geniuses Who Think Cold Weather Means Global Warming Is A Hoax

Hey! Have you noticed that it’s pretty cold outside this week? So has pretty much everyone else!

Now, my preferred cold weather activity is cocooning myself in down blankets, watching crap TV and trying to decide if it’s worth it to pay $19 for a bottle of wine on GrubHub rather than braving the cold and walking down the block to the grocery store (spoiler: Yes, it is. It’s fucking cold out). However, some people out there (cough, Donald Trump) like to use this time to alert the world to the fact that it is very cold out … and thus global warming/climate change don’t exist and Al Gore is a lying liar who lies.

Because it’s cold.

Of course, it’s extremely hot right now in other places around the globe where it is not winter. In fact, 2014 was the hottest year on record, and climate change doesn’t just result in warmer weather, it results in more extreme weather across the board. Winter existing and being very cold does not mean that “global warming” isn’t real, but try telling these people that.

Here are 12 geniuses who are not afraid to ask important questions like “Why is so cold outside?” or to tell those buying into the “climate change hoax” that they are “a idiot.”

These last two are my actual favorite points. Because despite the fact that the whole entire reason people want to think climate change is a hoax and are mad about doing anything about it is because they think it will mean less money for people who fuck up the environment–there are those who firmly believe that the reason people believe scientists about climate change is because they want more money.

I’m sorry. There are a thousand reasons one might have to think it’s a good idea to take care of the planet, but there is only one reason to think it’s a bad idea. If it had nothing to do with money, people would be like “Fine, go ahead, recycle all you want! No sweat off my back!”

Let’s face it–if climate change somehow turned out not to be real (it is, in fact, real), the worst consequence is that we did some things to improve the environment. It would be like getting mad because you prepared for houseguests and then they canceled on you, and now you are stuck with a clean apartment.

Still, I’m not sure who is issuing all these checks to people who believe in climate change, but I think it might be the same people who are handing out all that cash to women who say they were raped. [ThinkProgress]