12 Grapefruit Cocktails For Defiant Grapefruit-Obsessives Like Myself

This morning, I went to get my annual physical and while everything checked out fine, my new doc was kind of a party pooper when it came to one of my only vices: grapefruit juice. I didn’t tell her about the pot-smoking because I didn’t want a lecture, but I was stunned when she actually advised me to drink less grapefruit juice because it’s causing some minor erosion in, like, the back of my throat or something?

“Uh, I live for grapefruit juice,” I told her. “I drink it by the quart. You can’t take that away from me, I refuse!!!” Well, technically I demurred and was like, “Okay doc, whatever you say,” but with my fingers crossed behind my back.

All that talk about grapefruit juice was, of course, giving me a real hankering for the stuff, so I came into work and immediately started looking up grapefruit cocktail recipes. I love grapefruit juice straight up, but it’s also my favorite alcohol mixer. I regularly drink Pacifico beer with grapefruit juice. If I’m feeling fancy I drop a few chunks of fruit in there too. I call it a Grapefruit Beer-gria and yes, I plan on trademarking that.

Anyway, give my grapefruit beer-gria a shot, or try one of these other tangy, sweet and spicy grapefruit cocktails, because grapefruit is the fucking best, no matter what my doctor says.