Watch Kids Getting The Birds-And-Bees Talk For The First Time

Do you remember the birds-and-bees talk? I do: I avoided having to talk to my parents about sex as long as I could, relying on my sister for the info (she was only two years older than me) and reassuring my mom and dad that I knew enough and didn’t need them to tell me anything more about it. By the time my mom insisted, I just said something to the effect of “Yeah, yeah,” and then made that gesture where you make a circle with your left hand and put your right index finger through it. It saved us a lot of trouble and embarrassment, and biennial sex-ed classes filled me in on the details. Thanks, education!

Anyway, if you want to live through all the awkwardness of that talk again, watch this video! It’s surprisingly cute; only one of the kids is already in the know (via an older sibling — thanks, older siblings!), much to his dad’s horror, and the rest of them are completely grossed out over the idea of penises being inserted into vaginas. Of course, adorable naïveté abounds, like one kid saying that the uterus is like an igloo that the baby lives in. Another one manages to embarrass his mom by “Ladies’ Man”-ing the word “vagina.”

Oh, kids. I can definitely wait for that stage of my life. [YouTube]

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