Watch Jon Stewart’s Reaction To The Charlie Hebdo Massacre

One suspect, 18-year-old Mourad Hamyd, has been taken into custody for the attack on the headquarters of satirical comedy magazine Charlie Hebdo which left 12 people dead on Wednesday. Two other suspects, brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi, have yet to be found by French police.

Meanwhile, American comedians have been reacting to the tragedy, uniformly advocating for free speech and civility. Conan O’Brien gave his condolences to the families of the deceased, the people of France, and “anyone in the world tonight who now has to think twice before making a joke.” Jon Stewart had the following to say on Wednesday’s episode of “The Daily Show”:

“Our hearts are with the staff of Charlie Hebdo. I know very few people go into comedy as an act of courage, mainly because it shouldn’t have to be that. It shouldn’t have to be an act of courage. It should be taken as established law. But those guys at Hebdo had it, and they were killed for their cartoons.

It’s a stark reminder that, for the most part, the legislators and journalists and institutions that we jab and ridicule are not, in any way, the enemy. For however frustrating and outraged the back-and-forth can become, it’s still back-and-forth conversation between those on – let’s call it ‘Team Civilization.’ This type of violence only clarifies that reality.”


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