Today In Horrifying: The Stanley Mansion Is Building A Hedge Maze

Hey, wanna hear some FUCKING TERRIFYING news? The Stanley Mansion is building a hedge maze! WHY. WHY, STANLEY MANSION.

The Stanley Mansion was Stephen King’s inspiration for the Overlook Hotel from the book (and movie) The Shining. The mansion has decided to host a public contest to design a 61,500 square foot hedge maze made from currant bushes. In other words, our nightmares are becoming a reality! Great.

Seriously, the hotel from the Shining movie is kind of scary, but it’s the close quarters of the maze that are so, so much worse. One of the highest-tension moments in the entire film is when Danny has to walk backward in his footprints in the snow to avoid Jack. Mazes in general are fucking terrifying — the oldest cultural artifact about a maze is about a labyrinth built to house a god damned Minotaur, waiting to kill anyone unlucky enough to cross its path. The most popular recent story about a maze ends up with Robert Pattinson being killed by a wizard. There are no happy stories about mazes.

But cool, whatever, some people are horror junkies — including (apparently) the Stanley Mansion staff, who are going to have to wonder every day what’s lurking in the middle of their giant fucking hedge maze. You’re making your own bed, Stanley Mansion staff; you’re making your own bed.


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