Tusmørke’s Oculus Rift Game Autumn Seeks To Help Rape Survivors

  • A forthcoming Oculus Rift video game is hoping to help rape survivors. [The Atlantic]
  • An anti-gay group put out a pamphlet about how kids shouldn’t have to hear “the sounds of sodomy,” and of course the Internet ran with it. [RawStory]
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  • The Consumer Electronics Show is a space made by men, for men, like most of tech. [Daily Dot]
  • Agent Carter was supposed to be a woman-led show about sexism; instead, it’s a predictable show about men, mostly. [Slate]
  • Read about New York’s human trafficking courts, and the myth that sex workers can be “rescued” through them. [VICE]
  • The woman who sailed a mobile abortion clinic through international waters has a documentary coming out. [Buzzfeed]