Omaha Bar Issues Crap Response To Woman Spanked On The Ass By Creepazoid

This New Year’s Eve, Emily Johnson was simply trying to have a nice evening out with her boyfriend and friends was unceremoniously spanked on the ass and harassed by a douchebag at an Omaha bar called the “Dundee Cork and Bottle.” After being really unsatisfied with the way things were handled by management, she took to Facebook to explain what happened.

Just got assaulted twice at the Cork & Bottle in Dundee, Omaha. I told the staff the first time it happened (same guy did it, and I pointed him out immediately).

The first time, he spanked me and when I confronted him, he was proud about it and said he’d like to spank my friend, too. I told him and his buddies that they were *expletives and to leave, but they didn’t.

The staff told me they’d kick him out, but they didn’t.

He and his friends stayed 25 minutes and then he came at me again. Quin confronted him and the guy still played it off and stayed longer. He left when he was ready to.

The bar manager, Andrea, told me that “it’s New Year’s and everyone’s drunk” and “it’s to be expected” and when I called her out on that excuse and her poor response, she said she was sorry and to come to her next time.

Still, last time we’re there. So disappointed. Can’t believe the staff lied to me about kicking him and his buddies out and let them stay.

About to leave this on review. Feminist Yell. Strongly encourage anyone else to had to ring in the New Year like this to do so too.

PLEASE, if you see this happening to someone, do or say something. It’s not OK, no matter what the occasion. Everyone deserves a night out without this happening. I write this to make people aware. This regularly happens, and we need to stop it.

Here’s hoping for a better and happier New Year.

So yeah! Shitty situation! Certainly, no one should be told that they should just expect to be smacked on the ass by a complete stranger. Or swiped on the head, as Johnson states in a later post. One would think that the owner of said bar would respond by apologizing to the customer, and promising to talk to the manager about the way things were handled that evening. That is not what occurred. 

After myriad customers posted complaints about the bar’s handling of this incident, the owner of the Dundee Cork and Bottle responded in the classiest way possible: by calling Johnson a liar and insinuating that she–for unknown, nefarious reasons–possibly just spent her life going around randomly lying about being assaulted in bars.

As the proprietor of the Dundee Cork and Bottle for 18 years, I take any report of criminal behavior at my business very seriously. In response to the many negative comments on Facebook and elsewhere regarding my management’s response to a customer’s complaint on New Year’s Eve, please consider the following:

1. The customer has never contacted me personally to discuss her complaint.

2. After customer was assaulted as she alleges, she continued to drink, and eventually paid her tab with a tip. Upon leaving, she spoke with management and said she would report any problems directly to her in the future about any unhappy situations.

3. After the alleged assault occurred, the customer’s boyfriend smoked a cigarette and bought a bag of chips, and stood there and ate them.

4. More than 20 of my customers physically present in the bar that night stated to me that no assault occurred, or at least they did not witness it. If you have been to the Dundee Cork and Bottle, a small wine bar, you would know that if an assault did occur, it’s likely that many of the customers would witness it. My customers did report that an argument occurred between two people.

5. Most of the commenters posting negative reviews were not present and have NO first-hand knowledge of what occurred.

6. By contributing to fundraising events, I have supported the victims of sexual and physical abuse. I have been the victim of physical abuse.

7. An Omaha Police Officer was on duty in the Dundee business district at the time and was not contacted.

8. The customer has apparently made similar claims at other businesses. Of course these claims may be true, or it may be a pattern of complaints that were false. What I have is evidence based on what I have stated here.

9. I have received communications from people well acquainted with the customer, some of them her friends, who have told me that she has made similar claims at least six other times at other business.

10. One particular commenter is posting many libelous comments, in the name of women’s rights, and others are perpetuating the falsehood in response. Remarkably, some of the comments mention rape, and that by not adequately responding to the alleged assault, the Dundee Cork and Bottle’s owner somehow supports sexual assault. Also FALSE.

11. Not one person has identified the alleged perpetrator other then vague physical descriptions. If anyone is aware of his identity, please give the information to the customer and the Omaha Police Department for proper investigation.

12. Anyone posting positive comments about my business have been cyber-bullied in response. The person who first made public comments on the Internet about this – not the customer who claims she was assaulted – clearly has an agenda that has little to do with what actually occurred and appears to stem from her own personal issues.

I would surely apologize for the lack of proper response from my management when an apology I’d due. I don’t have evidence of that. If you don’t want to come to the Dundee Cork and Bottle because you don’t feel safe, then don’t.

I have customers from 18 years in business who know my stance, my history, and my personal integrity.

Thank you for listening.

In response to this bizarre missive, another customer–who apparently was not one of the 20 the proprietor interviewed about this–commented that she too was harassed by the (possibly imaginary, according to management) men who were harassing Johnson.

I have sat silently and watched this thread go, and no longer can I do that. I was one of the women who these men decided to harass this evening. Kerry, Meghan, and I minded our own business, and these idiots decided to help us ring in 2015 on a sour note. We’re aware that things weren’t handled properly, they stayed, they harassed, and we moved on. However, this would’ve been the perfect opportunity for the Dundee Cork and Bottle to be the better person in this situation. Maybe it’s a pipe dream, but I really like to reserve judgment of others, and see the best in people. So for four whole days, I waited patiently, in the hopes that the owners/managers were thinking of the best course of action to acknowledge the incidents, apologize to those effected, and ensure that protocols would be put in place so that all customers from here on out could feel safe and comfortable in their establishment. Well, now we all know that isn’t going to be the case.

As a result of the handling of this incident, many customers in the comments have sworn to never patronize this restaurant again. But hey, maybe they’ll find a whole new customer base of men who enjoy non-consensually spanking women on the ass. So there’s that. [Facebook]