Feminists To Blame For Child-Molesting Priests, Says Demoted Cardinal

Cardinal Raymond Burke once held the high-ranking position of Cardinal Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura. However, last year, Pope Frank — disagreeing with his right-wing positions on things — demoted him to “patron” of the Knights of Malta, which was a major diss.

Now that he has more time on his hands, Cardinal Burke — a man known for having spent $20,000 on a bejeweled crown and $30,000 on a glamorous 20-foot long cape (pictured above) — is giving out interviews to prestigious internet sites like “The New eMANgelization” about how women went and ruined the Catholic Church with all their silly talk of liberation and whathaveyou.

The interview, friends, is utterly, utterly priceless. About as priceless as you would imagine a Catholic MRA site interview with a demoted priest fond of bejeweled crowns would be. It’s full of interesting tidbits about how the women’s liberation movement just about ruined the Catholic Church because we feminized all the men and girls are allowed to be “altar girls” now. There are also, naturally, some fun parts about why boys need to start telling their priests about their masturbation habits.

It is, however, super long, so let’s just highlight some of the most hilarious parts. Other than the word “eMANgelization.”

Unfortunately, the radical feminist movement strongly influenced the Church, leading the Church to constantly address women’s issues at the expense of addressing critical issues important to men; the importance of the father, whether in the union of marriage or not; the importance of a father to children; the importance of fatherhood for priests; the critical impact of a manly character; the emphasis on the particular gifts that God gives to men for the good of the whole society.

Now, I don’t know how familiar you all are with the goings on of the Catholic Church. It is not what one might call “strongly influenced” by radical feminism. Or even moderate feminism. I mean, they don’t even allow nuns up on the altar unless they’re there to clean it. And for a bunch of dudes who wear dresses, they feel very, very importantly about gender roles.

I don’t know. I’ve only been to Mass for non-wedding/funeral reasons three times in my whole entire life so I can’t speak to what the Church is and is not addressing most of the time, but I’m pretty sure it is not “women’s issues.”

I recall in the mid-1970’s, young men telling me that they were, in a certain way, frightened by marriage because of the radicalizing and self-focused attitudes of women that were emerging at that time. These young men were concerned that entering a marriage would simply not work because of a constant and insistent demanding of rights for women. These divisions between women and men have gotten worse since then.

What even is the point of marrying a woman with “rights”? You may as well just marry a man! What is next? Dogs wearing trousers and marching through the street on their hind legs demanding their rights? Foolishness!

All of a sudden, in the wake of Vatican II, the celebration of the liturgy became very sloppy in many places. It became less attractive to young men, for it was slipshod.

The introduction of girl servers also led many boys to abandon altar service. Young boys don’t want to do things with girls. It’s just natural. The girls were also very good at altar service. So many boys drifted away over time. I want to emphasize that the practice of having exclusively boys as altar servers has nothing to do with inequality of women in the Church.

I think that this has contributed to a loss of priestly vocations. It requires a certain manly discipline to serve as an altar boy in service at the side of priest, and most priests have their first deep experiences of the liturgy as altar boys.

FOR IT WAS SLIPSHOD. The girls got their girl germs all over the altar, and just about ruined the damn thing.

“We have to be very clear with men about purity, chastity, modesty and even the way men dress and present themselves. Men’s behaviors and dress matter, for it affects how they relate to the world and it affects the culture. Men need to dress and act like men in a way that is respectful to themselves, to women and to children.”

You know. They need $20,000 crowns and other fancy accoutrements, or else their sperms will all shrivel up and die.

Men are not going to Confession today because there has been a denial of Sin. There was a period after Vatican II where many were promoting the idea that there weren’t any serious sins.

Of course, this is lethal for men, especially young men. Young men may begin to engage in the sexual sin of masturbation. Men have told me that when they were teenagers, they confessed the sin of masturbation in the confessional and priests would say, “Oh, that’s nothing you should be confessing. Everybody does that.” That’s wrong.

These are sinful acts. They need to be confessed along with other types of sins, whether the sins are foul language, lying, stealing, or whatever it might be. The denial of sin was a breakdown in the sense of what is demanded of men as men of Christ.

Yes, boys, you really need to be spending more time talking to your priests about masturbation. In detail. You know, because it’s sinful.

We can also see that our seminaries are beginning to attract many strong young men who desire to serve God as priests. The new crop of young men are manly and confident about their identity. This is a welcome development, for there was a period of time when men who were feminized and confused about their own sexual identity had entered the priesthood; sadly some of these disordered men sexually abused minors; a terrible tragedy for which the Church mourns.

First of all, everyone knows why gay men entered the priesthood and it had nothing to do with women “feminizing” anybody. It’s because being gay was considered unacceptable by the Church, so they considered that their only option. Duh.

Also, a study on the pedo priest phenomenon showed that the reason priests were abusing boys rather than girls was a matter of access rather than sexual orientation. Nothing in the study suggested that feminism would be a cause, because that is freaking ridiculous.

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