What’s Up With Defamer Bullying Prince Jackson?

Defamer wrote a post on Michael Jackson’s 17-year-old son Prince Jackson’s apparently totally lame-o lifestyle yesterday, and it strikes me as unnecessarily mean. Here’s a list of everything in that post that made me cringe:

  • “Dumb, embarrassing, fartcloud teenagers”
  • “Swaggy, angsty pubescent boys”
  • “Hanging out with Justin Bieber is much cooler than being the type of teen boy who has a bunch of reptiles in his bedroom.”
  • “Snakes are weird and not actually that cool, and owning them as an adult male is a surefire way to make yourself intensely unfuckable.”
  • “No girls are going to be impressed by a cage of old anaconda skin.”
  • “Posting leg press videos online is inherently uncool for a number of reasons.”
  • “The only people impressed by such videos are fellow macho gym rats, who are in the running for worst group of humans on Earth.”
  • “Prince Jackson’s intense lameness is, of course, understandable.”
  • “Prince Jackson now has a black truck perched up on enormous ‘I believe in the sovereignty of the confederacy’ wheels, with the Money Team logo plastered all over it. Imagine parking that in your high school parking lot. Not cool.”

Yeah, guys, let’s keep telling kids that you have to be “cool” by everyone’s respective standards no matter how diverse and contradictory everyone’s respective standards are! Snakes are dumb and they won’t get you laid, because the point of life for men should be to fuck women!  Exercise is dumb! I don’t like this kid’s car, so I’m gonna mock him for it! Yeah! We’re grown adults!


I know that the Gawker/Kinja network is pretty huge and has a diverse staff on diverse blogs with diverse messaging, but one of the things I love about a site like, for instance, Jezebel is that their anti-bullying stance is pretty unequivocal, and they criticize bullies and defenders of bullies regularly. Same goes for io9, which frequently publishes stories on bullying in the context of geek and nerd culture, pop culture, movies, comic books, and sci-fi. Lifehacker has posted stories about adult bulllying at work and in parenting. The fact that a sister site is actively engaging in bullying a 17-year-old for doing regular 17-year-old stuff, no matter how wealthy and well-connected that 17-year-old happens to be, is disheartening.

And yeah, Defamer is a celebrity gossip blog, but isn’t there a line? I mean, I’ll take shots at James Franco (while alternating with admiration ranging from reluctant to enthusiastic), but at least he’s a grown man.

Oh, and by the way, having an anaconda is fucking cool. It’s a motherfucking anaconda.


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