This Weight-Tracking Belt Is My Worst Nightmare

If you want to take your weight-loss resolutions to the extreme and simultaneously purchase a product that will one day succeed in haunting your dreams, look no further than Belty. This smart belt that connects with your phone to gather data on your behavioral habits. It can do nifty things like loosen when you sit down and tighten when you stand up, but it can also expand when you’re gaining weight, which can make it your BFF or the most torturous nag you’ve ever come across in your life, leading you to 3am shame spirals in which you can lay awake analyzing the exact 1/4-inch tech-sponsored measurement of how much wider you are today than you were at this time last week.The belt debuted this Sunday at the Consumer Electronics Show. The company behind it, Emiota, has yet to share its release date or price, but they’re hoping to release it sometimes this year. The vagueness leaves me to wonder how the waist tracking mechanism will be used. Will Belty ping you with a guilt trip every time it expands to accommodate a newfound inch around your waist? Will it just slowly expand without letting you know like a silent killer, allowing you to lose sense of your health habits because you don’t even realize your size is changing? However you spin it, this thing would make me neurotic as hell. No thanks! [CNBC] [Image via Shutterstock]