Farrah Abraham’s New Lip Injections Are A Little Out Of Control

Farrah Abraham, former “Teen Mom” and backdoor superstar, just wanted her lips to look a little fuller, but it appears her back alley lip injectionist went a little overboard. Farrah posted the above photos to Twitter today, crying that she was the victim of a botched procedure. I feel sorry for Farrah, because sometimes it actually sucks when you get MORE than what you paid for. But I’m also glad to finally have a photo to show as an example of what MY upper lip looked like when I was the victim of a botched procedure back in college. Only the “botched procedure” was the first time I took ecstasy and rolled so hard that I inadvertently chewed my upper lip until it bled and swelled to look EXACTLY LIKE THAT. (Don’t do drugs kids, seriously.) It was not my best look. Get well soon, Farrah! [Us Weekly]