“Downton Abbey” Fans, Enjoy This Semi-Creepy Dowager Countess Cake

Cake decorator Karen Portaleo crafted this eery-yet-brilliant Dowager countess cake for the “Downton Abbey” Season 5 premiere event at Atlanta’s Fox Theater. The cake took 18 hours to put together in is made of buttercream and vanilla cake with an Earl Grey tea soak. Portaleo was initially asked to create a Highclere Castle cake, but she had other ideas. Portaleo prefers to work on people over buildings, so she suggested this masterpiece instead. Show consultant Alastair Bruce was in attendance at the event and sent a photo of the cake to Maggie Smith, who plays the countess on screen. Portaleo told “The Today Show” that Bruce told her the cake was “so very American.” Can’t argue with that one! [Today via People] [Images via Instagram]