Watch Benny The Bull’s Perfect Reaction To A Kiss Cam Argument

Between Gaston’s push-up contest and this video, I feel like people who are paid to wear costumes are totally owning this week.

At Saturday’s Bulls-Celtics game, a woman got mad at her boyfriend (husband? It’s unconfirmed) for not getting off his cellphone to kiss her for the Kiss Cam. In swoops Benny the Bull to carry her off in his arms. Boo-yah, cellphone douche!

My feelings on the Kiss Cam are generally pretty ambivalent — it feels kind of bullying, but then again, it can have some pretty hilarious results. It’s sort of a downer when people don’t realize until too late that they’re on the Kiss Cam, but that’s not even the situation here — the woman told her S.O. that they were on the Kiss Cam clearly wanting to do it, and he got pissy and blew her off to continue talking on the phone. Benny’s reaction is priceless, and dude can’t even get mad, because it’s Benny.

Here’s a fun fact: As of 2008, top NBA mascots made around $200,000, and as of last year, Benny the Bull was America’s most popular sports mascot. Get ‘em, Benny!

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