Tara Reid Spent New Year’s Eve Naked & Badly Photoshopping Her Waistline

I like Tara Reid. I think she’s fun. Girl just wants to be tan and party and let her nip slip, is that so wrong? Sure, she hasn’t really evolved since her heyday playing ditzy blondes in the “American Pie” movies and “Josie and the Pussycats,” but when you’re able to make a decent living by simply being Tara Reid, and being Tara Reid basically just involves being tan and partying and nip-slipping, why would you change a thing? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, as they say.

In addition to lounging totally nekkid in a hammock (above photo — life dream status, BTW), Tara’s array of Instagram vacation photos reveal she might have also done a little drunk Photoshopping. Eagle-eyed party-poopers, clearly jealous that they didn’t get to ring in the New Year from Tulum, were quick to point out that a few of Tara’s bikini photos look a bit wonky, like she got a little stumbly with the clone stamp around her waistline area.

A perfect sphere in the middle of the cave! So much fun ❤️

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Whatever, I have had the tacos in Tulum. They are fucking delicious and I would eat a platter full of them right now. I know they are best washed down with a tub full of Mexican beer and then chased with another order of tacos. Let Tara live, people. Let Tara eat her tacos and then Photoshop away that tortilla bloat if she feels like it. Also, all y’all armchair Photoshop experts need to settle, because I doubt you could do much better. Besides, look at how much fun Tara is having all glassy-eyed in that cave. Don’t kill her buzz, haters!

Found a few more pics of me playing in the cave! ❤️

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