Emily Blunt Will Not Sugarcoat Your Life

“Chris Pine [who plays the prince] was telling me that most schools in America only do the first act of the play, where everything is happy ever after. And it’s just sad that we’re choosing to coddle our children that way, because no one’s more perceptive than a child…Bambi loses his mother, Dumbo is wrenched away from his mother, who is chained up and tormented and bullied. It used to be darker and more challenging. Nobody goes through life unscathed. If you want to fairytale the shit out of everything, you’re doing everyone a disservice.”

Emily Blunt makes no apologies for the darker themes in the Disney adaptation of “Into The Woods,” which she starred in as the Baker’s Wife. As the musical explores, sometimes happily ever after comes with regrets, and Blunt sees no point in hiding that reality from kids. As she says, life isn’t easy, and sweeping that under the rug only sets people up for disappointment and stress. Also, is “fairytale the shit out of everything” not the best phrase ever? Somebody copyright that or something. [Guardian UK] [Image via Getty]