Drunk Man Tells Police He’s Nicki Minaj, Because Obviously

A 23-year-old man named Steven Brown got so drunk on Christmas that he decided he was Nicki Minaj, and called the police to inform them of this revelation. Brown, who lives in Dublin, Ireland, first called 999 (equivalent to 911 in the U.S.) to tell the police that two men were threatening to kill him. Five minutes later, he called back and asked them to cancel his first call before insisting he was Nicki Minaj and that a poltergeist was in his house. It was later revealed that Brown had been released from the hospital earlier that day and had mixed alcohol with medication against medical advice, and thus really did believe some of the statements he made in the emergency calls — though I’m still unclear on whether he thought he really was Nicki or was just so drunk that he thought he was really clever. Brown recently faced legal trouble for similar behavior (sans Nicki proclamations) and had already been banned from using the 999 service under an Antisocial Behavior Order. After this incident the court deemed him an alcoholic and banned him from possessing or consuming drinks. [Belfast Telegraph UK]