Dear Sarah Palin: You Don’t Have To Be PETA To Think Standing On A Dog Is Messed Up

Last week, Sarah Palin posted a picture of her darling son Trig standing on Jill Hadassah, the family dog, for the purpose of doing dishes. This was quite a moment for the Mama Grizzly, who could not have been more proud of her son for stepping on a living creature in order to get what he wants.

Normal humans, however, were pretty sketched out. Because you know, most people, upon seeing a child step on a dog would say, “Hey, kid! Get off of the dog! You could hurt her!” instead of taking a picture of the “triumphant” moment. I mean, let’s face it, it’s not that far from seeing your kid setting ants on fire with a magnifying glass and gushing about how curious he is about the world.

Palin responded to criticism by posting a letter on her Facebook and addressing it to PETA.

It’s a calculated move if there ever was one, because pretty much everyone thinks PETA is the worst. Most of those on the left think PETA is the worst. Palin is clearly trying to make it look as though only the sort of person who would find this behavior objectionable is the sort of person who runs around throwing red paint at people wearing fur coats and whathaveyou.

That’s hardly the case. I eat meat. I wear leather. I even have a coat with fur on it (whatever, it’s from the ’70s, there’s no way that fox would be alive now anyway). I tend to roll my eyes at vegans who care more about cows than they do about the workers picking their fruits and vegetables. We all have our priorities. I may not be a rabid animal rights activist, I may think PETA is gross, and I may be very excited for wing night tonight at the bar next door to me — but I can still see that there is something deeply wrong with a child learning that it’s OK to stand on a dog. That is simply a bridge too far, for me and for most people.

You don’t teach your kids that it’s OK to stand on a freaking dog. There’s a reason why cruelty to animals is considered a precursor to violent crimes later in life. Empathy is about being able to understand when other people/beings/creatures are in pain, and a child who has no qualms about hurting an animal is much more likely to have fewer qualms about hurting a human being. So, early on, you teach children to understand and respect animals. It’s really not hard.

Palin was also very proud of her daughter Bristol for punching someone repeatedly at a party. Apparently “you don’t put your hands on other people or hurt animals” is not a lesson one learns in the Palin household.

Of course, Palin’s supporters have chosen to view this as simply another attack on poor Sarah Palin by all the meanies on the Left who are out to get her for no good reason at all. Indeed, her post is filled with responses like “The left just has an agenda against Sarah, because she dares to say things most of us are thinking. They couldn’t care less about her dog.”

It’s true. The Left does have an “agenda” against Sarah. But it’s because she’s a horrid person who says and does horrid things, and having the “courage” to say and do horrid things is not a thing I’d put in the plus column. The fact that she thinks it’s totally adorable for her kid to stand on a dog is just the latest example of her sociopathic tendencies. [Facebook]