Beauty Test Drive: The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Doll

The Body Shop’s Lip & Cheek Doll stain has adorable packaging, but does the product on the inside match the outside? I love lip and cheek stains but I find them kind of stressful. When done right, they look fabulous, but when done wrong, they streak all over the place and can look like play makeup. Every brand of stain has its own consistency and shading to figure out, and that makes it tough to get just right on the first try.

Price: $32.95, The Body Shop

Application: The bottle comes with an applicator brush. When applying the stain to my cheeks, I was worried about streaking or overdoing the color, so I found it easier to dab it onto my fingers first and then transfer it onto my cheeks. Applying the stain directly onto your cheeks from the brush makes the process faster but will result in much heavier color. The consistency was very watery and that made the color dilute when I put it on. This got very frustrating and resulted in streak marks on my lips.


Results: I didn’t see a huge change in color on my cheeks besides looking a bit more flushed as if I’d been out in the cold. The color was cute, but it was no match for my other favorite blushes and stains. The stain looked much brighter on my lips, but it was somewhat patchy and streaky. My lips looked cute from far away or in pictures but they were sort of a hot mess in one-on-one conversations where my makeup was actually visible.

I’m pretty bummed about the results because the color itself is bright and universally flattering, and the bottle is precious. I also have to note that this was product was originally called “Geisha Doll,” which is pretty damn offensive, though the company changed its name after customers expressed frustration. I like The Body Shop as a company, and I’d read other reviews from people who loved this stuff, so I was disappointed. This line was limited-edition but regardless of how long it’s around, I’d say it’s not worth your money to buy any other stains The Body Shop sells either. I’m sad to say that, but there are so many other great tints and stains out there that you’d be just about guaranteed to love instead of taking a gamble on Body Shop stains that might be of lower quality based on their track record.

Rating: 2/5

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