Photographer Statia Grossman’s “Shit You Left Behind” Is The Perfect Catharsis For Recent Break-Ups

In 2013, photographer Statia Grossman’s boyfriend left her, and he left his stuff in her apartment, too. Needing an outlet for her frustration with these constant reminders of their relationship, Grossman decided to marry her creative skills to her irritation and created the Shit You Left Behind Tumblr.

The Tumblr is a photo series of Grossman interacting in various ways with her ex’s old stuff, with pithy captions full of double meanings and resentment. The Tumblr has now been made into a book of the same name, described as “a true testament to the shitstorm that is human romance and relationships.” The book is an expansion on the Tumblr, featuring photos that hadn’t previously been published. It’s a great gift for the recently-scorned, or, for that matter, for anyone who kind of hates love. [h/t ArtNet] [All images via Shit You Left Behind]