KKK Takes Out Billboard Claiming They’re Not Racist, They Just Love White People

The Ku Klux Klan has taken out a billboard for the purpose of advertising their internet radio station — WhitePrideRadio.com, which redirects to KKKradio.com — alongside the highway in Harrison, Arkansas. The sign, which features a sad-looking little white girl holding a sad puppy, also declares “It’s Not Racist to <3 Your People.”

Previously, there had been a sign in that same spot that read “Anti-Racist Is A Code Word For Anti-White,” which received national attention after it was protested by many of the town’s residents, including the Mayor. The phrase, which comes from “The Mantra” — written by White Nationalist and former Reagan-appointee Bob Whitaker — is a favorite of white supremacists all over the nation.

While no one took responsibility for putting that sign up, Thomas Robb, the national director for the KKK who lives just outside of Harrison, told the Harrison Daily Times that yes, his group is responsible for this sign and that they put it up to promote their radio station. However, he claims they are not responsible for the KKK recruitment flyers that residents say have shown up on their lawns in Ziploc bags filled with rocks over the last week or so.

The town of Harrison, which has 131 black residents and 35,624 whites, is home to six organizations listed as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The town was featured in “Banished,” a documentary about three counties known as “sundown towns” which banished black people from living there or even being there after dark more than a century ago.

Robb claims that the real hate comes from people who are upset by racist billboards.

In this day and age, most racists want to be able to say and do racist things without anyone calling them a racist, because said racists would like to go on pretending that they are nice people, and everyone pretty much universally agrees that racists are not nice people.

Thus, White Nationalists and groups like the KKK have been trying to push this “Oh, we don’t hate people of other races, we just really love white people” PR schtick for quite some time now. I guess it’s meant to attract the more casual “I’m not racist but … why don’t we have White History Month? Huh?”-type racists into the fold? I don’t know. I also don’t know who it is they think they’re going to fool with this shit either, because it hasn’t really worked for them so far.

I mean, clearly the KKK does not love all white people. I’m gonna say the vast majority of white people in this country don’t love the KKK either. The thing they have in common is not being white people, it’s being white people who hate people of other races, and are so fervent about it that they even have outfits. That’s a real specific kind of white person — and one that I have never actually even met in person, and very much doubt I have anything in common with culturally on any level other than both of us having sort of the same color skin.

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