Friskyscopes: What’s Ahead For Your Sign In 2015!

A new year has begun but who wants to face it without getting a little astrological advisement first? Our girl Kiki T is here with her annual astrological predictions! Find out if 2015 is the year you’ll finally fall for the right one, what challenges fate has in store for you, and what inspirations will offer the right paths to pursue.

Aries (March 21-April 19): Thankfully, you’re a girl that thrives on action, adventure and attention, as 2015 will take you on a journey around the extremes of your partner(s) emotions, ego and eccentricities. Time to update your boundaries by playing ping-pong with the universe in a series of challenges that will ultimately work you into a Zen state of mind, but with more glamorous overtones. By the middle of the summer, you’ll start to see its shimmery effects. To make your sense of balance and karma endure as long as possible, surround yourself with the right people, in and out of bed. The chains that you’ll want 2015 to bind you in will only be as trustworthy as your shiftiest link.

Sure Thing: Creative opportunities and romantic surprises. Expect to move into the fast lane.

Lucky In Love: January 1-August 10, 2015

Lucky In Career: February 20-March 30, 2015

Lucky In General: March 20-August 10, 2015

Taurus (April 20-May 20): You’re no stranger to comfort and building stability, so you’ll be happy to know that 2015 is going to feature more of the same, but taken up a few notches, as lavishness will be hard to deny (as much as you try). Admit to the grandness in your head, because saying is believing and believing is the biggest part of making it real. Spoiling yourself rotten is a powerful ritual when you’re wise enough to know how to use that generosity towards a positive transformation in your life — and this isn’t just the material slice of life either. However, speaking of finances, know your best investments will be in what’s taboo.

Sure Thing: Domestic bliss is only a small slice of a bigger empire that you will grow this year.

Lucky In Love: August 11-December 31, 2015

Lucky In Career: April 1-May 20, 2015

Lucky In General: March 18-April 11, 2015

Gemini (May 21-June 20): There will be many double-takes in 2015, ranging from feeling like you’re living in a vacuum to major feelings of deja-vu that will literally have you rubbing your eyes. Don’t freak. Life isn’t turning into a sideshow with you as its main attraction. No, rather than anything tragic or explosive, 2015’s biggest moments will be more slapstick, curious and weird. Luckily, not too many emotional hang-ups will plague you in 2015, as the name of the game is more about intellectual quandaries. Stretch those mental muscles of yours to work out what you value in partnerships, sharing and promises. At the very least, expect to discover a new voice inside you, in which every word you utter never sounded so sweet.

Sure Thing: Applause from the masses in recognition of your genius. Turn up the volume.

Lucky In Love: November 8-December 5, 2015

Lucky In Career: January 12-March 20, 2015

Lucky In General: April 12-May 7, 2015

Cancer (June 21-July 22): Get your perky on because this is the year of energy! Spastic, crazy and excitable enthusiasm, like a baby on a sugar high, will overtake you often. Forget formalities and get wild in this non sequitur of a year. Love the fact that personal storylines won’t always run together, have you playing the same role, or result in endings that make you accountable for jack shit. You will only know which direction to take at that moment—but have no fear, as chances for abundance will follow you now. Trust your inquisitiveness as your fail-safe plan, because if you do, this could be one of your most fun years ever.

Sure Thing: Friends with money are great. Making great money with friends is better.

Lucky In Love: December 5-30, 2015

Lucky In Career: February 20-April 20, 2015

Lucky In General: May 7-August 7, 2015

Leo (July 23-August 22): You have such swag that you can stride into any situation and raise the bar. Even your most obscure moments inspire lasting impressions on people you didn’t even notice. Little do any of us know the actual impact we have — well, until 2015, for you, the year when fireworks that spell your name will light a night’s sky. Opportunities, celebrations and lots of ass-kissing are coming your way, as the thanks you never even knew was coming will find you. Expect bushels of gratitude wrapped in the prettiest paper with a perfect bow as sweet validation — not that you are after that, per se, but once you get a taste of this fanfare, you won’t be able to deny how good it feels.

Sure Thing: You have the cosmic pass to take a giant leap of faith in any direction and land well. Just keep in mind, there is an expiration date on the offer so don’t dilly dally too much.

Lucky In Love: June 5-July 18, 2015

Lucky In Career: January 1-August 11, 2015

Lucky In General: January 1-August 11, 2015

Virgo (August 23-September 22): 2015 will blow your mind. Beyond the usual thrills, surprises are in store that will lead you into a world with shinier toys and major responsibilities. This will be one of your trippiest years yet, as in mind-expanding and coming into your own. What you want will be what you get and then some. Your power of perseverance will not fail and completion is the reward. However, just because you have the ability to move mountains more than ever, doesn’t mean every obstacle needs confronting. Understand there will be blatant differences between red flags and challenges, making the right choice glaringly obvious. As the universe wants it, this year should not be about struggle. If anything, it should feel too good to be true.

Sure Thing: Make everything brand-new. By 2016, you won’t even recognize your life!

Lucky In Love: January 13-March 20, 2015

Lucky In Career: August 11–December 31, 2015

Lucky In General: August 11–December 31, 2015

Libra (September 23-October 22): Keep a fluid attitude, because there will be a lot of bizarre circumstances that will create turbulence. Don’t worry; it’s all part of a natural shedding of psychological and physiological funk. Sure, sporadic strange behavior will increase, but answers will come from these actions. In relationships, this could mean what is platonic one minute can turn to furniture-flipping sex the next. At work, it could be a sudden relocation request or deciding to go back to school. Obviously, this reorganizing will have a ripple effect, making the  people you thought you knew seem quite different. Oh well, nothing’s shocking and knowledge is power. As for anyone wanting to hold onto you now, they’ll need balls of steel.

Sure Thing: Technology, social media and reaching out through all new means available will help you connect all the right dots.

Lucky In Love: February 21-April 20, 2015

Lucky In Career: June 25-August 8, 2015

Lucky In General: November 9-December 5, 2015

Scorpio (October 23-November 21): 2015 is the year to go against the grain. Having a cause bigger than yourself is an obsession that will grow it’s own head and give you new direction. Love and romance (not sex) will go to the backburner more times than you’ll care to admit. So, prepare for hours of nagging (mixed with worship) from your honey(s) and know that neediness is going to happen. Too bad you can’t be everything to everybody, because heaven knows, if they could clone you and sell you, you’d be flying off the shelves. However, this is a renegade year and choices will have big repercussions. In other words, be aware you’ll be adding muse to your resume, which will be a role that will feel darker, yet sexier (in a dangerous sort of way) than you’d think. For mere mortals, you’ll be impossible to keep up with.

Sure Thing: Ambition never lets you down. In 2015, it’s all ups.

Lucky In Love: January 27-March 20, 2015

Lucky In Career: January 1-August 11, 2015

Lucky In General: December 5-December 30, 2015

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21): Your tolerance for bullshit will plunge fast and despite having always hated the game, you know you love to play and can do it well. After all, you’re born with a talent to remove seriousness at will. However, times are changing and 2015 is your year of “Not having it.” As in, if you can’t take it seriously, you’re not having it. Thankfully, this will be part of a natural process of pushing aside fake artifices and shallow values. Somehow, those types of time-sucks will be more than obvious and you’ll have enough patience to wait to be impressed for better reasons. Not that you won’t still be in the moment, but the stimulation that is really going to rock your world will be of a more long-term kind. Think of this as a spiritual red carpet being rolled out just for you, and do it justice.

Sure Thing: The world is yours. Work your passport.

Lucky In Love: February 20-April 20, 2015

Lucky In Career: August 11–December 31, 2015

Lucky In General: January 1-August 11, 2015

Capricorn (December 22-January 19): You’ll get what you pay for. So, don’t hesitate to shell out extra money, time and/or love to get what you want the first time around — no matter how extravagant. Otherwise, the perfectionist in in you will be haunted by what you overlook today. In 2015, there’s no cutting corners. Prepare to work harder to see your visions through. Get what you want, in its truest form. It is possible. Sure, not everyone close to you will understand the methods to your madness, but you won’t owe them explanations. In fact, make inflexibility your weapon of choice. If all goes accordingly, minions will submit, as you’ll get a mightier throne.

Sure Thing: Freakish brainpower abounds. Don’t dismiss ideas that appear ridiculous.

Lucky In Love: March 17-May 21, 2015

Lucky In Career: November 8-December 31, 2015

Lucky In General: August 11–December 31, 2015

Aquarius (January 20-February 19): There will be something otherworldly about the events in 2015. At times, you could feel like you’re a random prop for plotlines that go way beyond you and morph at a wild pace. Think of it like being in the eye-of-the-storm, but without the destruction. Instead, it’ll be more about the infinite combinations of scattering energies that come your way that you will have to deal with. Improvisation will be a skill you perfect, and will give way to a release so satisfying, it’ll justify participating in this circus atmosphere. Yes, subterfuge will be on display, with a slightly frantic and acerbic way of making you watch, but all in all, a beautiful masterpiece to experience.

Sure Thing: Resolutions are coming. Cliffhanging dilemmas end in a grand and colorful finale.

Lucky In Love: January 1-August 11, 2015

Lucky In Career: October 23-November 22, 2015

Lucky In General: January 3-February 18, 2015

Pisces (February 20-March 20): Authenticity is the only key to the secret chambers of your heart and this year will magically bestow on you the power to see transparencies easier and quicker. It’ll be like being able to see a new color or hear a new sound that was always right there. No longer will you humble yourself to be “simpler” for others that don’t care as much as they should. No longer will you feel a need to want to save the world either. Of course, contributing is a natural part of who you are, but 2015 will allow you to target what makes you feel in a more profound way, opening new dimensions to explore. As for finding those people who will connect and fit into this new headspace of yours? You can count on it and oh, what a nice and tight fit they will be.

Sure Thing: Don’t write-off sexual underdogs quickly. 2015’s creamy nougats will take a few extra licks to get to.

Lucky In Love: August 11-December 31, 2015

Lucky In Career: January 12-March 20, 2015

Lucky In General: January 27-March 20, 2015