2014 Happened In Slow Motion

Apparently slo-mo was the video effect of choice in 2014, because as this video demonstrates, everyone used it. Beyoncé, “Gone Girl,” “True Detective,” “The Lego Movie,” “The Fault In Our Stars,” Taylor Swift, even the “Turn Down for What” video.

I could go ahead and give you some armchair philosophy about how fast the world is moving “these days,” and our ubiquitous use of slo-mo in 2014 must reflect our cognitive dissonance as a culture, how we want to slow down and so on — but that’s really just bullshitting. Maybe it’s that CG animation has gotten so good that we want to show that even in slow-motion, the fabricated looks real; maybe it’s a way to experiment with camera angles; maybe cinematographers just feel like it’s simple but effective. Who knows? It’s mostly just an interesting note about the visual culture of the last year. [h/t Devour]