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Lindsay Lohan Rocked The Sideboob On Vacation Yesterday
Meet Mississippi's Christian Abortion Provider
And The World Capital Of Penis Enlargement Is...
The First "Into The Woods" Trailer Has Arrived
Anna Paquin Schools Larry King On Bisexuality
Sink Your Teeth Into A Big, Juicy Peach Butt
Cat Hamster Wheels Are A Thing Now
An Inner Monologue: The 17 Stages Of Trying To Have An Orgasm (In GIFs)
Pop Virtual Pimples With This Super Zitty Game App
Fashion Math: Summer Suits + Statement Necklaces
This Domestic Gun Violence PSA Is Hard To Watch, But It's So Important
I Tried It: 8 Things To Know About Getting Your Vagina High With Foria's Cannabis Lube
Watch The First Episode Of Comedy Duo Garfunkel And Oates' New Series Online Now!
30 Regrets We Can All Relate To
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg Talks Hobby Lobby Decisions With Katie Couric
Mommie Dearest: Florida Hospital Tried To Force C-Section On A Mom
Chinese Ikea Customers Are Taking Naps In The Display Beds
Make It Stop: "Strange Men Won't Stop Calling Me 'Baby'!"
Cities That Surprise: Las Cruces, New Mexico
Justin Bieber Posts Photo Of Crying Orlando Bloom On His Instagram
Teen Raped At Keith Urban Concert In Front Of Hundreds Of Fans
Cat Can't Be Bothered With The Outdoors, Hides In A Stranger's Purse
Miranda Kerr Still Denies Having Ever Cheated With Justin Bieber
"The Campus Accountability And Safety Act" Announced To Press Schools On Sexual Assault
Katy Perry Responds To Accusations Of Racial Insensitivity
RIP Society: Black Cats Are Being Abandoned Because They Don't Show Up In Selfies
Presidential Masculinity Apparently Cannot Withstand Ordering "Lavender Ice Tea"
Are These Real Life Rose-Colored Glasses?
Study: The 20th Century Was Good For Women's Brains
This PHHHOTO App Turns Your Pictures Into GIFs
8 Ways To Tell She's The One
The Soapbox: On Richard Dawkins' Rape Comments & How We Discuss Sexual Assault
Janet Sees A Dick Pic For The First Time, Quickly Looks At 88 More
Father-To-Be Poses For Pregnancy Photoshoot Because His Wife Didn't Want To
The Two Reasons I Stopped Taking Birth Control
Watch The Roots React To A Very Special Version Of The "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Trailer
Dater X: My Date With A Gentleman
Little Girl Learns Her Baby Brother Can't Stay Small Forever
Frisky Eats: 10 Tasty Pineapple Cocktails
Gross Old Dude On Fox News Calls "Bachelorette" Andi Dorfman A "Slut"
Orlando Bloom Did The World A Solid And Took A Swing At Justin Bieber
Win This! Enter The Frisky's "Style My Space" Photo Sweepstakes For $300 To HomeGoods
Watch This A Cappella Medley Of Shakira Songs By Oxford Students
Ugh: Nick Viall's Letter To Andi Dorfman Ends Up On Facebook
Turkish Politician Admonishes Women For Laughing In Public
Alleged Girlfriend Turns In Suspected Child Molester After She Sees Him On A CNN Crime Show
The Daily Squee: Pandas Could Be Headed To Central Park!
Non-Gendered Fashion Is Becoming More Accessible Than Ever
This App Will Send Beauty And Fitness Pros Right To Your Door
The Best Way To Get Over Your Ex Is By Photoshopping Beyonce Over His Face
7 Reasons To Be Psyched For "Sons Of Anarchy"'s 7th (And Final) Season
Huffington Post Wows With These "Garden State" Infographics
News Station Remembers Late Teen With Photo Of Him Throwing The Shocker Alongside 3 Girls
Woman Who Lost Her Wedding Dress In Hurricane Sandy Has It Returned Almost Two Years Later
Dating Don’ts: How To Handle Rejection In Dating
Watch Jimmy Kimmel Ask Comic-Con Cosplayers About Their Sex Lives
No, Andi Dorfman Was Not Slut-Shamed On Last Night's Shocking "Bachelorette" Finale
The Trailer For "Batkid Begins" Will Have You Bawling Your Eyes Out
"I Can't Live Without You!" & Other Sickening, Saccharine Nonsense That Needs To Stop
Is Beyoncé "On The Run" From Her Apartment With Jay Z?
Sometimes I Wish I Hadn't Written So Much About Sex
OKCupid Is Experimenting On/Lying To Users Now
10 Bitter Life Truths Apparent In “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood”
"The Situation" Sentenced To Anger Management Classes After Assaulting His Brother
Pussy Riot To Sue The Russian Government
Style Stealer: Taylor Schilling Knows Rompers Are The New LBDs
86 Of The Best Feelings In The Entire World
NYPD Accused Of Using A Chokehold On Pregnant Black Woman
This Bracelet Will Give You An Electric Shock For Indulging In Bad Habits
It's Time To Cry: Mom Fighting Cancer Helps Her Son Meet His Hero, Ringo Starr
Meet Pikinis, A New Creepily Voyeuristic App!
16-Year-Old Japanese Girl Charged With Decapitating Friend
Incredible Badass Feminist Sinead O'Connor Doesn't Want To Be Called A Feminist
You Can Add Gwen Stefani To The List Of Celebs Who Are Totally Cool With Breastfeeding
ESPN's Stephen A. Smith Apologizes For Remarks About Domestic Violence
Weed Weddings Are All The Rage In Colorado
Life After Dating: First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes ... None Of Your Business
True Story: How I Learned To Love (Or At Least Tolerate) The Titty F**k
Here's A Map Of The World's Internet Cats
Frisky Rant: The Real Problem With Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" Cover Art & Her "Black Jezebel" Brand
A Queen Elizabeth Photobomb Makes This The Best Selfie Ever
Page Six Claims Solange Knowles Attacked Jay-Z Over Rihanna
13 Absurdly Awesome CourseHorse Workshops We Would Totally Take
First Look: "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1" Gets A Teaser Trailer
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of July 28-August 3, 2014
Gal Gadot Looks To Be A Pretty Bad Ass Wonder Woman
Watch The Season 5 Trailer For "The Walking Dead"
Beauty Test Drive: HydroPeptide Soothing Serum Vs. Egg Whites For Sun-Soaked Skin
Sex Fail: I Broke My Boyfriend's Penis
Watch This Kitten Attack A Ceramic Cat
Designer Spotlight: Melanie Auld (On Sale!)
Why Do Women Say "Sorry" All The Time?
Zoe Saldana On Being Successful As A Woman Of Color In Hollywood: "My Balls Are Pretty Big"
RIP Society: Zebra Steaks Are Now The Other White Meat
Be My Pet: "Piggie Smalls," The Little Rescue Pig That Could
Soon You Will Be Able To Preorder Your Starbucks Via An App
Christian Siriano Has Grim Thoughts On Casting Plus-Size Models In Fashion Shows
10 Traits Of An Awesome Girlfriend (According To Men)
Frisky Eats: Drizzle It With Honey
14 Reasons Maxi Dresses Are The Best
Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Read <i>Travels With Casey</i>, See "Boyhood" & Drink Whiskey Lemonade
5 Uncomfortable Truths About Rape On College Campuses
This Ring Box Camera Records The Reaction To Your Proposal
A Fierce Spin On The Famous French Motto Spotted In Paris
Megan Fox's Girl Power Scenes In "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Were Cut From The Film
Dude, Where's My Dick? One Man's Routine Circumcision Goes Very Wrong
ESPN's Stephen A. Smith Suggests To Abused Women: "Let's Make Sure We Don't Do Anything To Provoke Wrong Actions"
Sign Me Up For A Subscription To <i>Cosmospolitan</i> Immediately Please
Androgynous Model Andreja Pejic (Formerly Andrej) Comes Out As Transgender
Man Visits Prison With An Impressive Amount Of Stuff Up His Butt
Watch The Male Supreme Court Justices Hang Out In A "No Girls Allowed" Fort
"Confused Cats Against Feminism" Tumblr Puts An Eyeroll-Worthy Social Media Meme To Bed
Dulcolax Laxative Ad Welcomes You To Poop Prison
Girl Talk: Sometimes <i>Carpe Diem</i> Doesn't Always Work Out
Alabama Teen Receives Death Threats For Posting Smiley Selfie At Auschwitz
The Soapbox: I <i>Will</i> March For Eric Garner -- But Black Male Sexism Must Also Be Addressed
The 9 Thoughts You Have When Trying On Spanx For The First Time
It's Batfleck! All New Ben Affleck As Batman Photo Revealed
Frisky Rant: My Boobs Are Not A Threat To Your Marriage
Families Find Creepy Porcelain Dolls (That Look Like Their Daughters) On Their Doorsteps
Michael Lohan Investigated For Allegedly Threatening To Burn Someone's House Down
Check Out Nicki Minaj's Asstastic <i>Anaconda</i> Cover Art
How To Shop For Midi & Maxi Skirts/Dresses As A Petite Girl
Here's Every Brand Name Ever Mentioned On "Sex And The City"
North Carolina Teen Gave Birth After Secret Pregnancy & Buried Infant In Her Backyard
Miley Cyrus Hired A Pet Psychic To Contact Her Dog Floyd
Women Still Aren't Allowed To Compete In The Tour De France
Style Stealer: Kate Hudson Makes A Convincing Argument For Culottes
I Can't Stop Laughing: Bride's Accidental Text Results In The Most Epic Wedding Photo Ever
Say What? 1-In-25 New Yorkers Is A Millionaire
Kristen Bell Is An Underpaid Mary Poppins
This Girl Is Crowd-Funding Her Grad School Tuition (And It's Actually Working)
Pharrell Loves Women Before Anyone Else In "Come Get It Bae" Video
Frisky Eats: 20 Tequila Drinks To Help Celebrate National Tequila Day!
Ryan Gosling Wax Figure Unveiled (And Yeah, <i>Would Hit It</i>)
PurrVerse: What It's Really Like On A Queer Porn Set
Sex Toy Abandoned In Woman's Vagina Just Sat There For 10 Years, Ruining Her Bladder
I Don't Blame Guys For Taking Up Too Much Space On Public Transit -- It's Awesome!
Amazon Model Squashes Men For A Living (And They Love It)
You Know You Want To Watch Vintage Tina Fey And Rachel Dratch
Make It Stop: "Should I Leave A Sign In My Office Bathroom?"
Awesome Obstetrician Welcomes Babies Into The World By Singing
Robin Thicke Finally Stops Begging Paula Patton To Take Him Back
This Woman Photobombed Model Karlie Kloss Like A Boss
15 Of The Most Outrageously Stupid Responses To The "Dear White People" Movie Trailer (And Smart Responses To Them)
Rejoice! The First "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Trailer Has Arrived!
#OnlineDatingFail: I Don't Know Where Your Mouth Has Been
Justin Bieber Is Reportedly The New Face Of Calvin Klein
I'm Super Excited For Hilary Duff To Have A Comeback
The UK To Prosecute Parents Who Allow Female Genital Mutilation
This Young Woman Took 6.5 Years Worth Of Selfies In Order To Document Her Trichotillomania
My Boyfriend Was Ashamed Of Me Because I'm Black
Blake Lively Decorates Cupcakes In A Mildly Awkward <i>Vogue</i> Interview
Style Stealer: Anne Hathaway Does The Denim Vest Thing
Would You Wear A Dress Made Of Condoms?
Lena Dunham Asked Her Twitter Followers Why They Use Birth Control
New Book Claims Bill Clinton Has A Mistress Whom Secret Service Agents Call "Energizer"
Frisky Eats: 10 Recipes That Are Driving Me Bananas
Here's One More Reason Sex On The Beach Is A Horrible Idea
Real Talk: On Debra Harrell's Arrest, Motherhood & Race
The Twee Font On Kendall Jenner's Topless Magazine Cover Is Giving Me The Creeps
Dater X: Of Course, It's Too Early To Know If He's The One
Paris Hilton On Her Sex Tape: "I Don't Think I'll Be Able To Fully Trust Any Man Again"
The Soapbox: On Trigger Warnings & Facing Trauma
OMG I Love Your Hair (OK, My Hair): A Subtle Braid Amongst Curls
What A Relief: The Real Larry From "Orange Is The New Black" Is Not Such A Schmuck
Heroin Killed Socialite Peaches Geldof
Newsflash: Divorce Doesn't Always Work Out Well For Women
Conor Oberst Dismisses Libel Lawsuit Against The Woman Who Falsely Accused Him Of Rape
Hollywood Sucks At Depicting LGBT Characters Onscreen
Lana Del Rey Did Not Sleep Her Way To Fame
Watch Angela Kinsey Tell Conan About Her Adventures As A Rapper
It's Time To Cry: Bride's Favorite Mascot Walks Her Down The Aisle After She Loses Her Father
Homeless Pets Are Now Featured In Some Ikea Showrooms
10 Things We're Shocked The Kardashians Don't Already Promote, But Should
Anatomically Correct Vagina Underwear Might Come In Handy Actually
True Story: I Was In A Date Rape Play
Even The US Government Is Playing Kim Kardashian's Game
27 Things That Don't Define Your Self-Worth
Beyonce Flawlessly Poses As Feminist Labor Icon Rosie The Riveter On Instagram
Dating Don’ts: Should You Unfriend Your Ex?
Jada Pinkett Smith On #JusticeForJada, Rape Culture, And Her Niece Being Roofied
How To Enjoy The Beach When You Don't Really Like The Beach
Blake Lively Launched Her GOOP Knockoff Site
Missed Connections: Dude In Cargo Shorts Searches For Grape-Feeding, Maybe-Pregnant Dog Owner
Start Stockpiling Hershey's Bars, Because Chocolate Prices Are Going Up
Tim McGraw On Hitting An Audience Member: "It Was Pure Instinctive Reaction"
Women Killed For Being "Witches" In Rural India
Some Thoughts On That Guy Who Sent His Wife A Spreadsheet Detailing Her Excuses Why They Weren't Having More Sex
"Orange Is The New Black" Made Orange Jumpsuits So Trendy That Prisons Are Switching Their Uniforms
Study: If You Post A Sexy Profile Picture, Your Peers Will Get Judgey
The Daily Squee: Beagle Steals Baby's Toy, Tries To Apologize
Kanye West (Sort Of) Addresses Why Jay-Z & Beyoncé Bailed On His Wedding
How Would You Like To Have A Drone As Your Wedding Photographer?
94 Photos You Will Come Across As A Straight Girl On Tinder
Zac Efron Gets Shirtless, Rappels Down A Waterfall With Bear Grylls
9 Of The Nastiest Things People Have Found In Their Lunch Salads
Watch These Street Harassers Get Called Out
Life After Dating: When Your Partner Is Unemployed
50 Things About Summer That Actually Suck
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