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Some Racist Lady Yelled At Baby North West On A Flight
5 Adult Stars Who Live With Their Parents
Be My Pet: Meet The World's Shortest Cat
Guy Makes Justice Ginsberg's Hobby Lobby Statement Into A Song
"Cold Beer And Titties": Sexism At A Texas Boys Civics Conference
Kickass Woman Of The Day: "Fresh Prince" Star Karyn Parsons Teaches Young People About The Forgotten Heroes Of Black History
Style Stealer: Gwen Stefani's Slouchy Jumpsuit Is "Top Gun"-Worthy
Keira Knightley Would Like You To Know That "Love Actually" Is A Cinematic Legend
Artwork Depicting Nigella Lawson Being Strangled Is Posted On Her Ex-Husband's Website
Kristen Wiig And Bill Hader Play Messed-Up Brother And Sister In "The Skeleton Twins"
The Soapbox: Why I Don't Love Pope Francis & Am Remaining A Lapsed Catholic
What Do You Think Of Olivia Palermo's Three-Piece Wedding Outfit?
Life After Dating: What Relationships Can Teach Us That Being Single Can't (And Vice Versa)
Watch This Beagle Freak Out When He Receives 100 Bouncy Balls For His Birthday
Funny Girl Sex Guide: Blowjob Techniques You (Maybe) Need To Try (Part 2!)
Erykah Badu Hilariously Interrupts Reporter's Live Broadcast
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of June 30-July 5, 2014
Supreme Court Rules Employers With Religious Objections Don't Have To Cover Contraception
Shia LaBeouf Fought With Homeless Man Over McDonalds Before "Cabaret" Arrest
Why Did It Take "True Blood" This Long To Give Us Hot Sex Between Eric And Jason?
The Cast Of "Orange Is The New Black" Lived It Up At NYC's Pride Parade
Astrology 101: Tough Situations That Each Sign Handles Beautifully
Study: Empathy Goes A Lot Further Than Telling Depressed Friends To Think Positive
Watch This Sheltie Dog Cheat On His Treadmill Workout
Beauty Test Drive: Essie's "Style Hunter" Is The Perfect Pinkish Red
Must Haves: 20 "Comfort Sandals" That Don’t Look Like Comfort Sandals
4 Ways To Stay Positive When Shit Happens
Style Stealer: Jamie Chung's Perfect Pleats & Zebra Stripes
"The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby" Looks Like It'll Tear Our Hearts Out
Dream Or Nightmare: Mountain Dew Doritos Cupcakes
Watching TV Is Killing Us, According To Science
We Obviously All Need These Edible Cupcake Wrappers
LULZ For Days: Dude Demonstrates How Various Animals Eat
Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Read <i>Friendship</i> By Emily Gould, See "Begin Again" & Make Salted Caramel S'mores
Must Haves: 10 Split-Back Tops
Frisky Eats: Cooking With Key Lime
This Surprise Backstreet Boys' Groomsmen Performance Is The Wedding Dance To Trump All Others
The Stars Of "Broad City" Are Feminists
"Fashion Grandpas" Is My New Favorite Instagram Account
George Clooney Just Might Actually Run For Senate
GOP Senator Susan Collins Supports Gay Marriage
Desperate Pleas For Help From Factory Workers Are Turning Up In Shoppers' Clothes
Watch "The Daily Show" Dole Out Some Real Talk About Campus Sexual Assault
Nigerian Pop Singer Adokiye Ruffles Feathers Offering Her Virginity In Place Of Girls Kidnapped By Boko Haram
What's The Difference Between A Horse And A Playground? Nothing, If You're A Baby Goat
Cloudy With A Chance Of "Rape"? Weather Report Subtitle Goes Very Wrong
This Woman Is So In Love With Her Bradley Cooper Cardboard Cutout That She Made Him An Instagram
Must Haves: 10 Beach Totes & Towel Combos
Lauren Conrad's Bridesmaids Get (Temporarily) Inked
Like This? Read This! 10 Young Adult Novels For Adults
In Case You Were Wondering, The World's Sexiest Men Are From Australia
40 Itty Bitty, Super Easy Ways To Help Save The Earth
Fetish Fitness With A Dominatrix Takes "No Pain, No Gain" Literally (NSFW)
Girl Talk: Seriously, <i>Listen</i> To Yourself
Study: "27 Dresses" And "The Bachelorette" Are Messing With Your Love Life
Vanessa Carlton Is Pregnant!
Exclusive: Kina Grannis Premieres "The Fire" Official Music Video
5 Updates On "Girly Cocktails" & Where to Enjoy Them
Shia LaBeouf Was Dragged Out Of "Cabaret" In Handcuffs Last Night
Your Face Wash Is Fish Poison -- Make Your Own Instead!
Shailene Woodley Says Everyone Needs To Calm Down About Miley Cyrus
Let's Reclaim The Phrase "Like A Girl"
Matt Lauer Asks General Motors' Mary Barra If She Can Be Both CEO And A Good Mom
Congrats Dudes, You Can Actually F**k Your iPad Now!
6 Frisky Staffers, 3 Customized Looks From EShakti
Melissa McCarthy Calls Out The Media Coverage Of Her Weight
To Learn More About Cultural Beauty Standards, This Woman Asked Artists From 25 Different Countries To Photoshop Her Face
Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Anti-Abortion Protesters In Clinic Buffer Zones Case
One Pair Of Short Overalls, Four Ways To Wear Them This Summer
Bear Crashes Birthday Party By Falling Through Family's Skylight, Proceeds To Eat All The Cupcakes
The Soapbox: Why I'm Not Going To Stop Eating Meat
Rejected Tracks from Robin Thicke's "Paula" Album
Life Dream Status: Goat Cafes Are Becoming A Thing
The "Tata Top" Bikini Brings Us One Step Closer To Nipple Equality
PurrVerse: The Mean Girls Of Lesbian Porn
Let's Pretend We Were At The Opening Night Of Jay Z & Beyonce's "On The Run" Tour For A Sec, K?
Is Rob Kardashian Addicted To Sizzurp?
Do My Eyes Deceive Me Or Is That Kim Kardashian's Big Ol' Nipple?
3 Aerial Workouts That Are Really, Truly, Undeniably Fun
This #StandUpWorldCup Domestic Violence PSA Reminds Us That The Event Has A Dark Side
Thanks, I Made It Myself: 8 DIY Projects For Grown-Up Flower Girls
Note To Self: Do Not Ask Mila Kunis About Moving To America Or The Situation In The Ukraine
The Family Dance Parties Of Kate Hudson's Childhood Had A Super Awkward Soundtrack
Diane Sawyer Leaves ABC's "World News" Anchor Desk
I Can't Stop Watching This Baby Owl's Dance Moves
Style Stealer: Jessica Alba's Got An Orange Crush
Wait, Why Did No One <i>Tell</i> Me Tony Goldwyn Is Playing Warren Jeffs In A Lifetime Original Movie?
#LookADouche Has Been Arrested For Public Intoxication
5 "Deviant" Sex Acts That Science Says Are Good For You
Meet China's Hands-Free Sperm Extractor Machine (For The Times When A Regular Handjob Won't Do)
Frisky Eats: Make Your Own Ice Cream Sandwiches!
Unlikely Doppelgangers Of The Day: Iggy Azalea & Young Diane Sawyer
Frisky Rant: Please Stop Bragging About Your Husband On Facebook
I Cannot -- Cannot! -- Stop Laughing At This Kid Going Buck Wild At A Florida Marlins Game
12 Tips For Handling Mercury Retrograde Without Becoming A Train Wreck
Young Author Cashes In On Her Book That Happens To Have The Same Name As A New Stephen King Novel
Dater X: We've Got A Stage-Five Clinger, Folks
This Bouncy Boob Castle Is Someone's Freudian Dream
What Goes Through My Head When Men Make Kissy Noises At Me On the Street
Hamptonites Instructed To Kall The Kops On The Kardashians
8 Things To Understand About Panic Attacks & How To Deal With Them
Must Haves: 15 Pairs Of Metallic Shoes For Every Occasion
7 Reasons You Should Try Making Your Own Makeup
The Woman From The "Blurred Lines" Music Video Runs & Hides When That Song Comes On
4-Year-Old Foils Babysitter's Plan To Blame Staged Home Invasion/Robbery On Black Men
President Obama Speaks Out In Support Of Paid Maternity Leave
Curious Puppy Gets Head Stuck In Tire Rim, Thankfully Freed By Firefighters Armed With Cooking Oil
Random Hookups Are Actually Good For You, Says Science
Real-Life Goldilocks Arrested After Falling Asleep During A Break-In
Maggie Gyllenhaal Tried To Cheer Herself Up By Going Blonde
12 Insanely Hot Guys Rocking That Jesus Look
Man Sues British Airways For Sending Him To Grenada Instead Of Granada
5 Alter Egos That Only Come Out When I Listen To Country Music
"The Slap" Is The Perfect <i>Cheeky</i> Response To That "First Kiss" Video
The Soapbox: Pharrell Curates Women As Objects In Parisian Art Show
Behold, The Pugs Of Westeros!
Dating Don'ts: Is It Really So Bad To Photoshop Your Online Dating Profile Pic?
Win This! LELO ORA Oral Sex Simulator (A $169 Value!)
Funny Girl Sex Guide: Blowjob Techniques You (Maybe) Need To Try (Part 1!)
Gary Oldman Defends Mel Gibson, Rails Against Political Correctness In <i>Playboy</i> Interview
New Item For Your Bucket List: An Ocean Massage
That Story About A Little Girl Being Kicked Out Of A KFC Because Of Her Facial Scars Was Apparently A Big Ol' Hoax
Frisky Q&A: <i>Now I See You</i> Author Nicole Kear On Going Blind In Her 20s
Kristen Bell Is Pregnant (Again)!
Michael Ealy Says People Accept Husbands Cheating
Sudan Frees Woman Sentenced To Death For Refusing To Renounce Christianity
Important Rosebudding Update: You Can Breathe A Sigh Of Relief Because This Gross "Trend" Is Actually Really Rare
Iranians Break Taboo To Watch World Cup Together In Public
Style Stealer: Olivia Palermo Does The Canadian Tuxedo Justice
Scientists Gone Wild: Chemistry Professor Ejected From Classical Music Concert For Crowd Surfing
8 Super Hot Guys Who Aren't Felons Like Jeremy Meeks
Khloe Kardashian Offends At North West’s Birthday Party
Oh My God I Love Your Hair: The French-To-Fishtail Deconstructed Braid
Watch This Wasted Luke Bryan Fan Lose A Wrestling Match ... Against Himself
Life After Dating: The Beauty Of Doing Your Own Thing
Meet Debra Silverman, My New Favorite Psychotherapist/Astrology Expert
Mommie Dearest: Can 7-Year-Olds Be Assholes? You Bet -- But That Doesn't Mean Brandi Glanville Should Say It
Girl Talk: Maybe I'm Just Not Cut Out To Have A "Fuck Buddy"
Brit Singer Sam Smith Covers Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know?"
Robin Thicke Tries To Woo Paula Patton Back With Self-Flagellating Video For "Get Her Back"
It Could Be Worse: You Could Be Stuck Inside A Giant Vagina Sculpture Like This American Exchange Student
These "Mockingjay" Promos Are So Rad
North West Celebrates Her First Birthday With "Kidchella"
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of June 23-29, 2014
One Home Storage Unit, Three Ways To Use It
4 Life Lessons I Learned While Burning The Candle At Both Ends
Soccer Star Hope Solo Arrested For Domestic Violence
I'm Dying: Pearl Jam Played "Let It Go" From "Frozen" At A Concert In Italy
Frisky Eats: A Blueberry Bonanza!
10 Things Twenty-Somethings Need To Learn About Love
Good News: Baxter, The Shiba Inu Who Was Sold On Craigslist By A Deployed Soldier's GF, Is Headed Home!
What We Want To See Go Down In The Final Season Of "True Blood"
Ain't No Party Like An Clone Dance Party On "Orphan Black"
Rising Market: Stylish Bullet-Proof Clothes
Style Stealer: Jessica Alba Heads For The Tropics
This Is How A Domestic Violence Victim Falls Through The Cracks
Winter Is Coming And Jon Snow's Six-Pack Is Ready For It
Oh My God I Love Your Hair: Curly Layers
9 Things We Hate About Sex On The Beach
6 Awesome Podcasts To Listen To On Your Commute So You Don't Die Of Boredom
The Pros & Cons Of Different Travel Partners
8 Ridiculous Sex Toys For The Budget-Conscious
Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Read <i>The Fever</i>, Blast J. Lo's Latest & Watch The "True Blood" Premiere
Fartzenegger: Because Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies Definitely Need More Fart Sounds
California Sterilized Inmates Without Lawful Consent
Laverne Cox Appeared On "Fashion Police" & Joan Rivers Miraculously Behaved Herself
Mary Steenburgen Will Play Pornstache's Mom On "Orange Is The New Black"
Rumer Willis Joins Sister Scout's Fight To Free The Nipples
Women In The Workplace Is "A Problem," Says Morocco's Prime Minister
Robin Thicke's <i>Paula</i> Track Listing Revealed -- And It's A Little Nutty
Legalizing Gay Sex Makes Alabamans "Less Protected" From Sexual Assault, Claims Attorney General
Shop The Trend: Pineapple Prints!
T.I. & Iggy Azalea's "No Mediocre" Collaboration Is A Bunch Of Sexist Crap
James Madison University Punished Students For Sexual Assault With Ban From Campus <i>After</i> Graduation
Debate This: Is Apologizing To Your Exes Before You Tie The Knot Really Necessary (Or Just Really Self-Absorbed)?
How Does Marriage Work? In "112 Weddings," A Wedding Videographer Tries To Explain
Stop What You're Doing & Watch These Grown Men In Stilettos Slay Beyoncé's Choreography
Big Screen Breakout Roles: 17 A-Listers & The Movies That Put Them On The Map
The "Central Park Five" Settle With New York City For $40 Million
Girl Talk: It's Not Wrong To Date While You're Divorcing
I Apologize In Advance For This Post About "Rosebudding"
Lifetime Will Air TV Movie About Behind-The-Scenes On "Saved By The Bell"
PurrVerse: Behind The Lens With Sex Worker Photographer Isabel Dresler
Frisky Eats: 6 Easy Fixes To Add Oomph To Your Recipes
Thirsty Women Make Hot Dude's Mugshot Go Viral
Women Of Color Ask To Be Included In Obama's "My Brother's Keeper" Program
George R. R. Martin Was On "Gay Of Thrones"!
Here's A Look At Lady Gaga & R. Kelly's Never-Released "Do What U Want" Video
Watch This Cat Give His Soldier Human The Warmest Welcome Home Ever
Your Razor Is Bleeding You Dry (So Switch To A Straight Razor Instead)
Did Energy Drinks Kill This Teenage Girl?
Actual Thought Catalog Essay: "I Had Sex With A Trans Woman"
Mommy Blogger Accused Of Poisoning Son To Death In Bid For Attention
Fashion Math: Polka Dots + Stripes + Checks
Girl Regrets Faking Her Period In Hilarious Tampon Commercial
Major Newspaper Drops Columnist George Will Over Offensive Sexual Assault Column
Lupita Nyong'o Is Gorgeous On The Cover Of <i>Vogue</i>
Frisky Rant: I Get Laid Plenty, And I'm Still A Feminist
Found: Watch Matt McGorry, Who Plays Bennett On "Orange Is The New Black," Play A He-Man Beefcake In A Student Film
True Story: I Had My Immigration Interview
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