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Yams And 6 Other Surprising Things About The Pill
This Video Of Women Seeing Their Vaginas For The First Time Is Surprising Sweet (SFW)
Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: See "Maleficent," Read Some <i>Fierce</i> Erotica & Make Pea Pesto
This Bear Is Having The Best Weekend
Eat Angelina Jolie's Face With This Crazy "Maleficent" Cake
4 Crucial Mistakes Online Daters Are Making With Their Profile Photos
Mariah Carey Rides The Subway (Glamorously), Plus 20 Other Celebs Who Aren't Too Good For Public Transportation
Etsy Spotlight: A '70s Sun Hat For Instant Glamour
"Undateable" Actor Chris D'Elia Calls #YesAllWomen "Terrible" And "Shitty"
Trans Woman Schools Rush Limbaugh On Trans Rights And Anal Sex (And He Kinda Listens!)
Selena Gomez's Grandpa Blabs About Justin Bieber's Drug Use
Why Being Gay Makes Me Appreciate Women
Utah High School Photoshops "Modesty" Into Girls' Yearbook Photos
10 Stories That Prove Good Things <i>Are</i> Happening In The World
Now Available For XXX Enthusiasts: Just-For-Porn Headphones
"The Royal Tenendongs" Is The Twee-est Porn Spoof Ever
Get Nostalgic: The Cast Of "The Wonder Years" Reunites!
An Imagined Conversation With Pandora Radio About Its Obsession With The Song, "Sail"
7 Celebs Involved In Bizarre Lawsuits
Mommie Dearest: How Moms Talk About Their Bodies Matters
I Want To Go To There: The Sparkling Turquoise Pool Hidden Underneath Paris
10 Ways We Would Like To Comfort Luke Bryan After His Fall
The Soapbox: On Anthropologist Kenneth Good, The Amazonian Child Bride He Impregnated & The Western Culture That Celebrates Him
"You Are All Nerds": Mindy Kaling's Harvard Law School Commencement Address
Dealbreaker: An Adult Who's Obsessed With Disney
Here Are James McAvoy And Michael Fassbender Doing Impressions Of Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen
10 Pop Artists That’ll Make You Feel Like A Tween Again
Style Stealer: Busy Philipps Just Screams Summertime
Charlize Theron Said Googling Herself Makes Feel "Raped"
Maddox Jolie-Pitt, 12, Has A Girlfriend (And I'm Still Single)
Finally, The Iggy Azalea/Reba McEntire "Fancy" Mashup We've Been Waiting For
Even Cindy McCain Thinks Gwyneth Paltrow Should Shut Up
Only 30 Percent Women: Google Releases Data About Their (Lack Of) Diversity
LeVar Burton Weeps With Gratitude Over "Reading Rainbow" Kickstarter Donations
The Boys Of SAMCRO Go Back To Work
Style Stealer: Claire Danes Dresses Down To Run Errands
#AllMenCan Crowdsources How Men Can Be Good Allies
Lena Dunham Posted A Picture Of Her Bloody Panties On Instagram, Because Why Not?
The Beautiful Story Of Ryland Whittington: A 7-Minute Guidebook For Parenting A Transgender Child
Frisky Eats: 14 Fanciful Crème Brulee Flavors
The Soapbox: Misogynists Hate Men, Too
AnnaLynne McCord Writes Moving Essay For <i>Cosmo</i> About Being Sexually Assaulted
6 Things You Miss When You Move Away From Your Best Friend
Elliot Rodger's Parents Release Statement Expressing Their Grief
PurrVerse: I'm A Queer Against Marriage
Gwyneth Paltrow Has No Love For Internet Commenters
What Happens When I Change My Relationship Status On Facebook? Sadly, Not A Whole Lot
Brad Pitt Attacked By "Prankster Journalist" At "Maleficent" Premiere
16 Things Your Bartender Really Wants You To Know
Hell Yeah: Laverne Cox Covers <i>TIME</i> Magazine
Beauty Test Drive: Coast To Coast Coastal Ultra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
Evan Rachel Wood And Jamie Bell Split
New Priciest-Ever Starbucks Drink Made With 60 Shots
Ex-Williams College Student Accuses School Of Mishandling Sexual Assault
Consider This The Next Time You Decide To Walk Around While Curling Your Eyelashes
Senator Elizabeth Warren Has Some Great Advice For Handling Life's Curveballs
Scout Willis Is Protesting Topless To #FreeTheNipple (NSFW)
What Women Mean When We Call Each Other "Sluts" And "Whores"
Adorable Chubby Dancing Toddler Is Korea's Newest K-Pop Star
Beauty Test Drive: Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant
The Daily Squee: Baby White Tigers At An Austrian Zoo
Remember Maya Angelou With Four Of Her Most Famous Poems
9 Ways "Nashville" Could Play Out Hayden Panettiere's Real-Life Pregnancy
Yes Please: Check Out The Cover Of Amy Poehler's Upcoming Book!
Dater X: I've Got A Case Of The "What Ifs"
O-Town Releases New Single, And I've Never Missed Ashley Parker Angel More
Hayden Panettiere Is Pregnant!
The Soapbox: "I Always Felt As If White Girls Thought Less Of Me Because I Was Half-Asian": There Should Be More Discussion About Elliot Rodger's Racism
Maya Angelou Dies At 86
50 Cent Throws Comically Bad First Pitch At Mets Game
37 Seriously Intense Braided Hairstyles Only Daenerys Targaryen Could Pull Off
German Tabloid Publishes Upskirt Pictures Of Kate Middleton
"The Bachelorette" Superlatives: Two Reasons I Had To Turn Off Last Night's Episode
A Reading List On Elliot Rodger, Misogyny & Toxic Masculinity
Emma Thompson Weighs In On Balancing Work With Motherhood: "You Don't Need It All At Once"
Must Haves: 8 Radical Rashguards
Mom Of Son With Asperger's Syndrome: "Armchair Diagnoses Aren't Helping Anyone"
Hillary 2016, Here's Your Campaign Song
Hair Dos: 20 Ways To Pull Back Your Hair On Hot Days
The Daily Squee: Just Some Baby Black Bears Sparring Adorably
Bill Murray Crashed A Bachelor Party & It Was All Caught On Camera
Family Stones Pakistani Woman To Death In So-Called "Honor Killing" For Marrying Man She Loved [UPDATE]
Frisky Rant: On Dudes Who Ghost And Then Suddenly Text Me Every Six Months Or So
Co-Founder Of Rap Genius Fired Over Jokes About Elliot Rodger's Misogynist Manifesto
Dating Don'ts: In Praise Of The Work Boyfriend
Charlize Theron Ain't Interested In No Gluten-Free Shit
Gross: <i>NY Post</i> Posts Bikini Pic Of The Woman Elliot Rodger "Blamed For His Misogyny"
Kim Kardashian Reportedly Mocked Rob's Weight Gain, So He Ditched Her Wedding
10 First Date Dealbreakers We Can All Agree On
Kim & Kanye's First Wedding Photos Are Out And, Not Gonna Lie, They're Adorable
10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Graduated College
Seth Rogen & Snoop Dogg Get Stoned And Recap "Game Of Thrones"
Style Stealer: Kourtney Kardashian's Leather-Topped Midi Skirt
It's Time To Cry: Sad Goat Is Reunited With His Burro BFF
<i>The New York Post</i> Was Pretty Pumped About The Kimye Wedding
Not All Men Are Dangerous, But Yes, All Women Do Live With The Fear Of Elliot Rodger's Fury
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of May 26-June 1, 2014
Must Haves: 12 High-Waist Bikinis
Frisky Eats: Iced Tea Please
These Swimsuits For Breast Cancer Survivors Are Amazing
Style Stealer: January Jones' Bright Pink Moto Jacket & White Accessories
Kimye's Wedding: See Kim's Dress, Read An Excerpt From Kanye's (Alleged) Groom Speech & See Which Celebs Were Actually Invited
Frisky Eats: 8 Rice Ball Recipes
How One CEO Is Bringing More Women And Minorities To Silicon Valley
Home Inspiration: 10 Bar Carts For Under $150
#YesAllWomen: Women Tweet Stories Of Their Personhood Being Violated
Study: Being At Home Is More Stressful Than Being At Work
7 People Killed Near UC Santa Barbara, Including Gunman, Who Acted In "Retribution" For Women Rejecting His Advances [UPDATED]
Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Watch "The Normal Heart," Listen To Dolly Parton's Latest & Try Jamaican Veggie Patties
Listen: John Mayer Likes Beyonce's "XO" So Much He Recorded A Cover
Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Officially Married, Thank God, Let's Move On Now
Finally, A Scientific Excuse For Netflix Binges: There Might Be A Couch Potato Gene
10 Holy Shit Moments From Last Night's Astounding "Hannibal" Finale (Spoilers!)
Etsy Spotlight: The Everyday Bag You've Been Searching For
See Christian Hendricks, Elisabeth Moss & Others Before They Were On "Mad Men"
Just Cause: Morgan Freeman On Helium
Toni Braxton Backtracks On Connection Between Son's Autism And Her Past Abortion
"Duke Porn Star" Belle Knox Pens An Open Letter To Alyssa Funke
Cutie Patootie Quvenzhané Wallis Is The New Face Of Armani Junior
Roll Yourself A Joint And Watch "Cosmos" On Weed
The Dress Code For Kim & Kanye's Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Appears To Be "Lots Of Chest"
Must Haves: 10 Cute Bikinis In Funky New Shapes
Brilliant Video Asks, "What If Gay Guys Said The Shit Straight People Say?"
"Abortion Barbie" Posters Greet Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Wendy Davis In Los Angeles
Guy Proposes With "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" Music Video That He Filmed Over 4 Years Of Dating
5 Things That Happen When You Go A Month Without A Full-Length Mirror
Chris Martin Allegedly Took His Kids To A Fast Food Restaurant, Which Is So Delightfully Passive Aggressive
What I Would Say If Someone Asked Me To Give A Commencement Address (Which They Won't)
High School Student With The Best Grades In His Class Forced To Fight For Valedictorian Title
True Story: I Got Fired
Astrology 101: Normal Life Experiences Most Likely To Give Each Sign A Nervous Breakdown
Kim Kardashian Takes Paris By Storm For Her Bachelorette
Will Ferrell And Doppelgänger Chad Smith Had An Epic Drum-Off On “The Tonight Show”
Quiz: What Type of Bachelorette Party Should You Plan for Your BFF?
The Daily Squee: Watch This Weatherman Rescue A Trapped Kitty In A Tornado's Aftermath
10 Indie Artists You Should Be Listening To, Like, Yesterday
Paul McCartney Is Hospitalized With A Viral Infection
Iran Freaks Out Over Actress' Kiss On The Cheek At Cannes
#WorseCollegeClasses Is The Hashtag Of Our Nightmares
This Pregnant Sudanese Woman Was Sentenced To Death Because Of Who She Chose To Marry
Worst Nightmare: 550 Lb. Snake Pile Massage
6 Young Iranians Arrested For "Happy" Music Video Finally Freed
The Frisky Is Sending 100 Fans To The Movies For An Advance Screening Of "Obvious Child"
This High School Kid's Michael Jackson Dance Is Blowing My Mind
Finally, A Children's Book For The Modern World
Love Your Boobs, Everybody Else Does
Levi's CEO Wants You To Stop Washing Your Jeans -- And He Has A Point!
Urban Gardening 101: 9 Things To Know Before You Hoe
Emma Thompson Has A Really Funny Joke About Yeast Infections
PurrVerse: Getting Lucky With San Francisco's Hook-Up Truck
"La Bare" Is Basically "Magic Mike: The Documentary" So Get Ready To Drool
About That Time Miley Cyrus Told Jennifer Lawrence To "Get It Together"
Emma Watson Graduates From Brown This Weekend!
The Great Twat Betrayal: 7 Common Yet Complicated Vagina Problems Every Woman Faces
It's Time To Cry: Family Surprises Terminally Ill Mom With A Flash Mob Of Love
Be My Boyfriend: Dana McGregor, Pismo Beach's Preeminent Goats Rights Activist
Michelle Duggar Consults Fertility Doctor Over What Would Be Baby #20
80 U.S. Troops Will Search For Kidnapped Nigerian Girls
The Bellas Are Back For "Pitch Perfect 2"!
Study: 9 Things People Would Rather Do Than Have Sex
The Daily Squee: China Is Recruiting A Panda Nanny
Angelina Jolie Reminds Hollywood Moms (Ahem, <i>Gwyneth</i>) That They Really Don't Have It That Bad
Must Haves: 7 Spring Scarves To Tie On
19-Year-Old Girl Committed Suicide After Being Cyberbullied Over Amateur Porn
Former Cheerleader Sues The Tampa Bay Buccaneers For Paying Below Minimum Wage
Toni Braxton Thinks God Punished Her For Abortion By Giving Son Autism
"Hedwig" Creator John Cameron Mitchell Recalls David Letterman's Transphobic Squickiness
Frisky Eats: 11 Ways To Show Some (Potato) Skin
What Kind Of Kinky Sex Did Tori & Dean Have Before He Cheated?
The Soapbox: Let's Not Give Feminist Frank <i>Too</i> Much Credit
Drew Barrymore Plays "Would Drew Barrymore Like That?"
Dater X: State Of The Union
Straight People Need To See More Gay Kisses
Listen Up: Nicki Minaj's New Ballad, "Pills N Potion," Will Give You Life
Rachel Bilson Is Pregnant!
Charlie Day Nails Commencement Speech At His Alma Mater
Our 6 Favorite PornHub Ad Campaign Finalists (Plus, My Own Hastily-Put-Together Submission)
Cool Or Creepy: New App Lets You Embed Yourself In The Life Of A Stranger
Style Muse: Peonies, Peonies, Peonies!
Report: "The Shield" Actor Michael Jace Had A Past History Of Domestic Violence
Judge Struck Down Pennsylvania Ban On Same-Sex Marriage
Fashion Porn: Get Your Strap On!
Photoshopped Versions Of Famous Paintings Are Kind Of Terrifying
MTV Surveyed Millennials On Racism & The Results Are Actually Pretty Optimistic
Watch 'Buff' Jimmy Fallon Nip Sync With Terry Crews
Customer Asks Restaurant's Waitresses To "Show Some More Skin," Owner Has Awesome Response
Style Stealer: Kate Hudson's Cool Cropped Tank & Leather Midi Skirt
How Excited Are You For Summer Road Trips?
Frisky Eats: 8 Party-Friendly Paellas
Cheers! America Now Has The Largest Wine Market In The World
The 300 Sandwiches Lady Got Engaged At Sandwich #257
Life Dream Status: Dolly Parton's Kitschy, Country LA Home Is For Sale
Dating Don'ts: Why Public Proposals Are Mortifying
"The Bachelorette" Superlatives: The Best & Worst Moments From Last Night's Premiere
The Soapbox: Why Macklemore's Costume Matters
9 Photos Of Ryan Gosling Looking Hot Promoting "Lost River" At Cannes
Oh My God I Love Your Hair: 15 Scarf Styles For Summer
"The Shield" Actor Michael Jace Murdered His Wife
9 Network Shows To Watch—Or Add To Your DVR—This Fall
Watch Janeane Garofalo Declare Her Support For Pubes
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