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President Obama Was On "Between Two Ferns" With Zach Galafianakis And It Was Perfect
8 Of The Most Unsavory Celebrity Neck Beards
Lena Dunham Cracked A Molestation Joke On Twitter
Study Finds Almost Half Of Millennial Moms Aren't Married
Black Lesbian Couple Murdered In Texas
The Internet Is Exploding With Lupita Nyong'o Fan Art
March 10: What Are We Wearing Today?
Remembering Nancy Lanza, The Sandy Hook Shooter's Mother
Lily Allen's "Our Time" Music Video Reenacts The Time Lindsay, Britney & Paris All Hung Out
Beauty Test Drive: Sonia Kashuk's Limited Edition Make-A-Face Brush Set
Photographer Creates Gorgeous Images To Document His Love Of Reading
Style Stealer: Nikki Reed's Polished Pop Of Orange
Shakira On Her Boyfriend: "He No Longer Lets Me Do Videos With Men"
A Brief History Of My Failed Attempts To Learn An Instrument
The "Tranny Awards" Will Now Be Known As The "Transgender Erotica Awards" (Because They Were Offending Themselves)
Wait, The Ice Cream Cleanse Is Real?
Life After Dating: Cohabitating For The First Time In More Than A Decade
Life Dream Status: Amtrak's Writers Residency Program Is Now Accepting Applications
The 20 Best Twitter Reactions To Lindsay Lohan’s Reality Show Debut
Girl Talk: Finding Closure After A Non-Breakup
Model Opens Up On Reddit About That Time Terry Richardson (Allegedly) Came On Her Face
Beyonce Leans In, Appears In PSA To Ban The Word "Bossy"
Home Inspiration: 15 Dreamy Kitchens To Drool Over
Dumb Radio Host Asks Lorde If She & Taylor Swift Are A Lesbian Couple
11 Things That Are True About Big Families
Miley Cyrus Needs A Hand (Dildo)
Your Friskyscopes For March 10-16, 2014
Etsy Spotlight: The Most Delicious Kind Of Still Life
Emma Watson Is "Conflicted" About Beyoncé's Feminist Credentials
Your GIF Guide To Getting Over A Cheating Ex
Nesting: 10 Lovely Lanterns For Under $20
The Soapbox: Replacing Sexism With Racism Is Not a Proper Hollaback
"My Day With Leo" Instagram Account Inserts Cutouts Of Leonardo DiCaprio Into Snapshots Around NYC
#OnlineDatingFail: Sometimes Honesty Is Not The Best Policy
Revolutionary Machine Promises Orgasms At The Push Of A Button
Hello Kitty & Playboy Team Up On A Camera
Support For Gay Marriage Is Higher Than Ever
Jared Leto Questions The Sincerity Of Jennifer Lawrence's Second Oscar Fall
Girl Scouts Has Been Asked To End Its Partnership With Barbie And I Kind Of Hope It Does
GIF Quiz: Are You Over Him?
Etsy Spotlight: 14 Cool & Cute Tablet Covers To Protect Your Precious E-Reader
Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Watch "Nymphomaniac I," Read <i>The Flamethrowers</i> & Listen To Pharrell Williams' <i>GIRL</i>
8 Facts That Just Make Way Too Much Sense
Beauty Test Drive: Julep Luxe Care Hand Creme
#OnlineDatingFail: Let's Get Acquainted, Have A Threesome ... You Know, The Usual
Jessica Alba On Kissing Your Kids On The Lips: "People Allow Dogs To Lick At Their Mouths"
Report: Lindsay Lohan Signing $1 Million Book Deal For Her Memoirs
Lily Allen Battles Blogger Over Feminism Comments
Father Hires Escort Who Turns Out To Be Someone He Knows Far Too Well
Khloe Kardashian Makes An Uncomfortable Joke About Screwing O.J. Simpson (Plus, A Vladimir Putin Butt Plug!)
Life Dream Status: "Miracle Machine" Turns Water Into Wine
Thurston Moore Admits To Cheating On Kim Gordon, Slams Jezebel For Calling Him A Dick
Style Stealer: Elle Fanning's Seriously Sophisticated Fashion Statement
Unsanitary App Of The Day: Lick This Lets You Practice Oral Sex On Your iPhone Screen
Street Style Star Of The Week: Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Lawrence's Best Friend Laura Simpson Tells Her Side Of The Story About Jen's Fall On The Oscars Red Carpet
7 Philosophical Questions We Have About The Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shot
Feminist Dads Pretend To Breastfeed For An Awesome New Campaign
The Emotional Lifecycle Of A Bridesmaid (In GIFs!)
Hotel Guest Leaves Parents Nasty Note For Bringing 'Crying Baby' On Vacation
Don't Miss Your Chance To See Adele Dazeem On Broadway!
Flashback: Revisiting The Post "Oops: A Guy Asked Me On A Date And I Laughed At Him"
Do Not Want: $455 Dolce & Gabbana Jorts For Men
World's Greatest Fortune Cookie Contained Winning Powerball Numbers
11 Things We'd Never Expect To Turn Guys On (But Totally Do)
Judge Admits He Leaked News Online About Charlize Theron's Adoption
Astrology 101: The Pisces Love Compatibility Guide
Online Dating Site To Outsource Women Because There Aren't Enough Single Guys In NYC
Oh My God I Love Your Hair: Nicole Richie's Lavender Locks
Steven Spielberg Wants To Remake "West Side Story"
Senate Blocks Bid To Change Military's Change Of Command On Prosecuting Sexual Assault
Martha Stewart Doesn't Know What A Dildo Is, Let Alone How To Clean It
Brace Yourselves: Exists
Be My Boyfriend: Jon Boyer, The Hunky Cop Who Rescues Cats
"Normal-Sized Barbie" Could Be Coming To A Kid Near You
The Secret To Ryan Gosling's Success: Dream Analysis
New App Can Track Exactly How Caffeinated You Are
Tired Of People Asking When You're Going To Get Married And Have Kids? Get A Mannequin Family!
Style Stealer: Margot Robbie's Fabulous French Vibes
Can Pineapple Juice Make Oral Sex Taste Better?
Shailene Woodley Opens Up About Bisexuality: "I Fall In Love With Human Beings"
6 Life Lessons From Connie Britton's Hair (In GIFs!)
#OnlineDatingFail: Assholes Love Company
True Story: I Left Men For A Woman
This Bluegrass Cover Of "Walk Like An Egyptian" Is Proof Dreams Do Come True
Mirror, Mirror: The Weight Loss Lies We Tell Ourselves
"The Worf Of Starfleet" Gives Scorsese The Klingon Treatment
A Handy Illustrated Guide To Body Shapes
Ask A Boudoir Photographer: How Do I Find The Right Lingerie For My Body Type?
Andrew Garfield Threw A "Tantrum" Over Presenting With Batkid At The Oscars
10 Of The Artsiest D**k Pics You'll See On Pornstagram (NSFW)
Hey Look, Walter White Jr. Is Modeling For GAP!
Beauty Test Drive: NARS Final Cut Satin Lip Pencil
Kim & Kanye Pick A Wedding Date In Paris
Massachusetts Judge Rules It's Legal To Take Photos Up Women's Skirts
Random Single Gal Recipe: Goopy Paltrow's Sriracha & Lime Salmon With MomoFAKEu Brussels Sprouts
New Law Means If You Don't Take Parenting Classes, Kids Can't Finish School​​
I'm, Like, Totally Buggin' Over Iggy Azelea's Homage To "Clueless"
Photographer's "Why We Rescue" Project Champions Pet Adoption With Moving Photographs And Stories
Woman Speaks Gibberish In A Bunch Of Different Languages, Sounds Legit
RIP Society: One In Ten Americans Thinks HTML Is A Sexually Transmitted Infection
Mommie Dearest: Are We Ready To Design Our Babies In A Lab?
Caring For Your Vagina: An Owner's Manual Courtesy Of Cameron Diaz
#OnlineDatingFail: Masturbation Is Not An Appropriate Introductory Topic
Flashback: Revisiting The Post "Why I Like Being Called A Slut In Bed"
Oprah's Tired Of Lindsay Lohan's Bullshit, And Is The Only Person Not Afraid To Tell Her
Philip Seymour Hoffman's Talent Remembered In Epic Memorial Clip
Dater X: There's No Such Thing As The Perfect Guy…Or Is There?
Jared Leto's Dirt Poor Home Life Revealed in Shocking Detail
Funny Girl Sex Guide: Types Of Travel Sex (Part 2!)
Johnny Weir In Court For <i>Biting</i> His Husband
15 Things That Deserve A Second Chance (And 10 Things That Don't)
This Study Hightlights What We Already Knew: Assault Is Never The Victim's Fault
Style Stealer: Ali Larter's Perfect Denim Pencil Skirt
Lena Dunham Will Write An <i>Archie</i> Comics Series
Sex Education In The UK Can Now Address Sexting, Porn
March 4: What Are We Wearing Today?
This App Uses Boob Selfies To Find Your Perfect Bra Size And It Just Might Be Brilliant
This Emoji Video For Beyonce's "Drunk In Love" Is Strangely Moving
This Woman's Ad About Her Cheating Husband Proves Nothing Says "Revenge" Like Print
Beauty Test Drive: Sonia Kashuk Pearlescence Longwear Crème Shadow
Marissa Alexander Faces 60 Years In Prison For Firing "Warning Shot"
Thanks, I Made It Myself: 7 Stylish Puff Paint Projects That Won't Give You '90s Flashbacks
I Would Go To Pizza Hut Just To Play With Their Touchscreen Menu
Skittles As Birth Control? Here Are The Craziest Misconceptions Kids Have In Sex Ed
Frisky Rant: Kids Don't Belong On Leashes
Frisky Eats: Celebrate National Pancake Day With These Crazy Flapjacks
Dating Don'ts: How The Meet-Cute Is Ruining Your Love Life
Let's Ogle Mary Kate Olsen's Enormous (Alleged) Engagement Ring From That Old French Dude
Idina Menzel And Jimmy Fallon Rock Out To "Let It Go" On The Tonight Show
10 Reasons To Start Watching "Bates Motel" If You're Not Already (In GIFs!)
Ellen DeGeneres Tips Oscars' Pizza Delivery Dude $1,000!
Oscar 2014: How To Get Jared's Beachy Waves, Kerry's Plum Pout, Olivia Wilde's Cool Cat Eye & More
Watch This: Disney Princesses Realize They Don't Need A Man To Achieve Their Dreams
Style Stealer (Plus!): Jessica Alba's White Lace Swing Dress
Scarlett Johansson Is Pregnant With An Insanely Attractive Baby
Irish Bookies Bet On Whether Oscar Pistorius Will Be Convicted Of Murdering His Girlfriend
The Daily Squee: Bao Bao The Baby Panda Does Cute Things With Her Nose
RIP Society: Pregnant Woman Robbed While In Labor
What's The Most Widely Read E-Book In Your State?
Mindf**k Of The Day: Oscar Nominees Hanging Out With Their Younger Selves
New Jersey Does Not Appreciate Dove's "Armpit Of America" Deodorant Ad
And Every Other Famous Person Who Showed Up To <i>Vanity Fair</i>'s Oscar Party And Wore Something Fabulous...
This Baby-Inspired Workout Will Strengthen Your "Awww" Muscles
Don't Hold Your Breath For A Gay Or Lesbian On "The Bachelor," Says Chris Harrison
16 Cool Backstage Photos At The Academy Awards
Frisky Q&A: To Pee Or Not To Pee (In The Shower) & Other Cleaning Conundrums Solved By Jolie Kerr, Author Of <i>My Boyfriend Barfed In My Handbag</i>
The 20 Best Fashion Moments At The 2014 Academy Awards
Life After Dating: The Pros And Cons Of Not Sharing Money
Lupita Nyong'o Photobombed Jared Leto At The Oscars And It Was Amazing
14 Signs You've Got Hyphenated Last Name Problems (In GIFs!)
Fan Throws A Weave At Beyoncé During London Concert
The 23 Best Moments At The 2014 Academy Awards
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of March 3-9, 2014
All The Red Carpet Arrivals At The 2014 Academy Awards!
Jared Leto Thanks "My Future Ex-Wife Lupita" And Many, Many Others In His Indie Spirit Awards Acceptance Speech
Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale Welcome Third Son, Name Him "Apollo Bowie Flynn," Of Course
Style Superlatives: The 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards
Gender-Swapping "The Wolf Of Wall Street"
Beauty Test Drive: Sonia Kashuk Dewy Luxe Lip And Cheek Balm
7 Ways We Sabotage Our Relationships
Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Read <i>My Boyfriend Barfed In My Handbag</i>, Listen To Beck's <i>Morning Phase</i> & Watch The Academy Awards!
Style Stealer: Alessandra Ambrosio's Beautiful Biking Lifestyle
Will The Oscars Be Terribly Boring This Year? Not Anymore!
BroApp Will Text Your Girlfriend So You Can Have More Bro Time
How One Suburban Woman Almost Became The Victim Of Sex Trafficking
The Oscar Best Picture Nominees As Pie Charts
Beauty Test Drive: Benefit Bigger Than BB Big Easy Foundation
5 Useless Pieces Of Advice Everyone Gives To New Parents
Awesomely Affordable: 10 Things You <i>Need</i> For Spring From H&M
5 Reasons You Should Propose To Your Partner With A Macaroni & Cheese Ring Instead Of A Diamond
Etsy Spotlight: I Heart This Headband
Teacher Accidentally Projects Amputee Porn In Classroom, Promptly Loses His Job
Generic Version Of Plan B Emergency Contraception To Soon Be Available
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