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Naomi Campbell Is Getting Naked In Your Living Room
Harvard Student Pens Open Letter About The School's Non-Reaction To Her 2013 Sexual Assault
7 Of The Worst Choices Ever Made While High
Miranda Kerr’s Not Getting Nearly Enough Sex(ercise) Now That She’s Single
"Men's Rights" Group Whines About Sexual Assault Awareness Month Self Defense Class
Style Stealer: Taylor Swift Channels Her Inner Goth
8 Times When It’s Really Not Necessary To Send A Dick Pic
Homeless Mom Shanesha Taylor Charged With Child Abuse After Leaving Two Kids In Car During A Job Interview
Sirs Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen Bid Goodbye To NYC With These #GogoDididoNYC Outtakes
The Best Porn For Women On The Web
This Casual Sex Ad Generator Will Boggle Your Mind
Life After Dating: You, Me And The Green-Eyed Monster
RIP Society: Du Pont Heir Only Gets Probation For Raping Young Daughter, Because Judge Thinks He Won't "Fare Well" In Prison
6 Tips For A Simple Seasonal Purge-Fest
Watch Jason Segel And Neil Patrick Harris Perform An Impromptu Duet From “Les Misérables”
The Soapbox: I Know How To Get More Girls Interested In STEM Fields
Beyonce's Alternative Video For "Grown Woman" Is For Those Of Us Who Grew Up With "Saved By The Bell," Caboodles & Trapper Keepers
Let's Ogle New Zealand's All Blacks Rugby Team Doing The Shirtless Haka Post-Tournament Win
Chelsea Handler Is Leaving "Chelsea Lately"
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of March 31-April 6, 2014
"Dyke & Fats" Is The Cop Show Of Our Dreams
Beauty Test Drive: Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo
'Do It' Campaign In Denmark Isn't About Sneakers
Now This Is A Gorgeous Royal Family Photo
This Mom Broke A World Record For Breast Milk Donation
12 Really Good Reasons To Say No To Being A Bridesmaid
Etsy Spotlight: Starry, Starry Ears
Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Get Hooked On Ronna & Beverly, Read About The History Of Cotton & Make Chilaquiles
Style Stealer: Candace Cameron’s Tailored Blue Romper
What Are Your City's Top Porn Searches?
Watch The Dixie Chicks Slay Miley's "Wrecking Ball"
Here's What The Syrian War Would Look Like For A Little Girl In London
10 Bisexual Celebrities That Everyone Keeps Labeling As Gay Or Straight
Facebook Is Trying To Stop You From Humiliating Yourself
Leighton Meester Dares To Cover Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" And It's Actually Really Good
Whoa: The Average Woman Has $550 Worth Of Unworn Clothing In Her Closet
11 Things We Need In Vending Machines More Than Cupcakes
Style Stealer: Anne Hathaway’s Playful Professional Look
"Lulu's Anal Bleaching For Kids" Is Not An Appropriate WiFi Name
It'll Be A Girl For Christina Aguilera & Matthew Rutler
Interns Deserve Protection From Sexual Harassment, Too
Ugh: James Franco Denies Sleeping With "Liar" Lindsay Lohan Less Than A Year After He Bragged About F**king Her In "This Is The End"
Lindsay Lohan Will Talk About Her Sex Spreadsheet On An Upcoming Episode Of "Ellen"
Beauty Test Drive: Hard Candy's Take Me Out Liner
Tori Amos' New Song "Trouble's Lament" Is Pure Tori
Style Stealer: Miranda Kerr's Floral-Print Dress
Awesome Grandma Busts A Move To "Ice, Ice Baby"
10 Celebs Who Have Really Strong Opinions About Carbs
4 Scientific Reasons Doing The Wrong Thing Feels So Good
Don't #CancelColbert: Stephen Colbert Blasted Over Satirical Tweet About Racism That He Didn't Even Send
The Daily Squee: Milo The Cat Photobombs His Owner's Yoga
14 Times Our Boyfriends <i>Thought</i> They Were Doing Us A Favor
The Theme Song For Sarah Palin's New Show Is The Most Patriotic Thing You'll Ever Hear
Mommie Dearest: Not Even Princesses Are Free From Mommy Judgment
Mindy Kaling To <i>Vogue</i>: "I Don't <i>Want</i> To Be Skinny"
Zac Efron's Skid Row Assault Gets Even Sketchier
It's Time To Cry: Watch This Deaf Woman's Emotional Reaction When She Hears For The First Time
Peeps Donuts Are Here And Now I'm On An Emotional Roller Coaster
The World's First Exploding Penis Popsicle Has A Creamy, Sherbet Center
Frisky Eats: 11 Mouthwatering Kebabs For Food-On-A-Stick Enthusiasts
Apparently There Was A Question About Whether North West Was Wearing Makeup In <i>Vogue</i>
Hey, You! Pee On A Stick Before You Drink That Beer!
Some Good News For Once: Apple Will Create More Racially Diverse Emojis
James Lowe, AKA Lorde's Boyfriend, Pens Open Letter About Fame
Ryan Gosling Emerges From Hibernation, Pumps Gas
Sienna Miller Says She Sucks At "Selfie Face"
Blind Couple Marries After Their Guide Dogs Become Inseparable
IKEA Malaysia Made A Dining Table For Sad-Sack Singletons
Style Stealer: Kim Kardashian Goes Grey
Can You Guess Which Zodiac Sign Makes The Most Amateur Porn?
Girl Talk: On Farting And Feminism
What If Hannah From "Girls" Hung Out With Dorothy From "The Golden Girls"?
5 Reasons You Need A Pair Of Luxury Poop Emoji Loafers, Like, Now
Dear Fat-Shaming Yoga Teacher, Here's What Yoga Is Really About
True Story: My Crash Course In Porn And Empowerment
Performance Artist Steven Cohen On Trial For Walking A Cock With His C**k
Cookie Dough Addicts, Rejoice: Unbakeables Are A Gift From Above
Zac Efron Got Punched By Homeless Person On Skid Row
7 Tips For Clothes Shopping During A Weight Loss Transition
New "Walking Dead"-Themed Beer Has Actual Brains In It
Photo Series Tackles Dating While Feminist
Rumor: Chris Martin Cheated On Gwyneth Paltrow With Kate Hudson
Supreme Court Clarifies Federal Law On Domestic Violence Convictions & Gun Ownership
Adorable Little Girls Explain What "Bossy" Means To Them
"This Is A Trent Reznor Song" Is An On Point Parody Of Nine Inch Nails
Study Shows Some Women Fake It For Their Own Pleasure
Woman Successfully Fakes Being Pregnant With Quintuplets For 9 Months
Hi/Lo: Lace-Up Snakeskin Stilettos
Does A Circumcised Penis Result In Better Sex?
Christian School Pressures 8-Year-Old Sunnie Kahle To Leave Because She Looks Too Much Like A Boy
Thanks, I Made It Myself: 10 Eye-Catching DIY Mirrors
Postmodern Jukebox's Klezmer Cover Of Jason Derulo's "Talk Dirty" Is Actually Great
Mommie Dearest: Add Water Births To The List Of Confusing Choices For Expectant Moms
Listen: "Happy" Gets An Acoustic Instrumental Cover
12 Tips For "Consciously Uncoupling" Like Gwyneth Paltrow And Chris Martin
6 Things Nobody Tells You About Working At Disney World
Princeton Faculty Wants Nothing To Do With Princeton Mom's Statements About Rape
Dater X: Adventures In Ghostbusting
You Can Actually Hire Someone To Live Tweet Your Wedding For $3,000
Tired Of Having Sex In Your Car? Rent The Hook-Up Truck
Check Out This Supercut Of Pop Culture References In "The Office" And Weep Over Missing Michael Scott
Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin Announced Their Split While Vacationing Together In The Bahamas
10 Sex Alternatives That Are <i>Almost</i> As Pleasurable As Sex
Pharrell: Sorry, Conservatives, But Your Daughters Are Twerking
Style Stealer: Olivia Wilde's Baby Bump Has A Mustache
Uh Oh: "Scandal" Star Columbus Short Knocked Out A Guy In A Bar Fight
Supreme Court Hears Arguments On Affordable Care Act's Contraception Coverage
Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin Announce They've Decided To "Consciously Uncouple" (AKA Break Up)
Lauren Conrad And Her Dog Have Matching Panama Hats, You Guys
Jessica Paré Strips Down For <i>Esquire</i> -- Plus, Sexy Easter Outfits That Will Get You Kicked Out Of Church
Happy 80th Birthday, Gloria Steinem!
Pay Attention: #RapeCultureIsWhen...
Have You Tried (Or Would You Try) Cuticle Tattoos?
Escape A Bad Date With These Sneaky Apps
Reeva Steenkamp's Texts To Oscar Pistorius Weeks Before He Killed Her Are Totally Disturbing: "I'm Scared Of You Sometimes"
Style Stealer: Sophia Bush's Leather Skirt & Varsity Jacket
Watch Naomi Campbell's Coy Response To Kimye's <i>Vogue</i> Cover
An Open Letter To The Squirrel I Saw Eating A Mini Corndog
Artist Creates Fembot That Dances To "Blurred Lines" And It's Exactly As Creepy As You'd Expect
How To Empower Yourself Through DIY Porn
The American Beagle Outfitters Dog Line Is The Cutest Thing You've Ever Seen
Dating Don'ts: How To Do The Adult Long-Distance Relationship
Watch This: Celine Dion Finally Reveals Her Muppet Crush
Breastfeeding Cream Is the Best Lip Balm
Hi/Lo: Black & White Mules
Prince Harry Took Girlfriend Cressida Bonas Skiing In Kazakhstan
The 12 Most Sexually Explicit Tweets From Christopher Meloni Fans (NSFWish)
Scott Disick Lets His Little Lord Go Commando
Compassionate Fashion: 5 Ways To Curb Your Fast Fashion Addiction
Spice Girls In Talks To Tour With The Backstreet Boys
Tech Conference Features Booth Babes In A Tee Pee, Because Of Course It Does
Hi/Lo: Black & White Patterned Romper
Rihanna's Backpack Is Not Screwing Around
The Daily Squee: Dogs Confused By Magic
Professor Mireille Miller-Young Charged With Theft, Battery, Vandalism After Stealing Anti-Abortion Protestors Sign
Shop The Trend: Varsity Blues
Trying To Find Your Self? Check Your Chest
Life After Dating: 10 "Dumb" Fights (And What They’re Really About)
Neil DeGrasse Tyson Loves The "Stoned Neil DeGrasse Tyson" Video
Reddit Presents The Man With Three Balls (NSFW)
Beauty Test Drive: Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer
Flashback: Revisiting The Post "Does Your Ex 'Owe' You Something After A Nasty Breakup?"
Kim, Kanye & North Get Camera-Ready For <i>Vogue</i>
Frisky Eats: Strong Drinks For Bad Ass Chicks
Malaysian Jet Declared Lost, No Survivors
Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Are Expecting A Baby!
18 Places Where It's Just Too Disgusting To Have Sex
Watch Another Vague "Mad Men" Teaser!
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of March 24-30, 2014
Watch Teen Ryan Gosling Show Off His Dance Moves On Canadian TV
10 Thought On His Mind During Sex
Lady Gaga's Video For "G.U.Y." Is 8 Minutes Of WTF
Style Stealer: Shailene Woodley's Chic Jumpsuit Situation
Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Read <i>X Vs. Y</i>, Listen To Angel Olsen & Bake Cookies!
Street Style Star Of The Week: Lily Allen
Etsy Spotlight: Let's All Drink To Science!
5 Shocking Realities Of Being Transgender The Media Ignores
Are Millennials Really Having Less Sex?
Booze Is Coming To A Starbucks Near You
That's A Lot Of Look: Rita Ora's Red Headdress & Gym Socks
The Rudest Baby Shower Behavior We've Seen From Pregnant Moms
Planning Your Dream Wedding? Don't Forget The Donkeys!
Be My Boyfriend: Chef Who Makes Itty Bitty Sushi Out Of Single Grains Of Rice
Sweat In Style: 7 Of Our Favorite Outfits From Fabletics, Kate Hudson's New Workout Line
23 Signs You're 'Divergent' Obsessed
Frisky Eats: 17 Recipes For Puppy Chow/Muddy Buddies
Hi/Lo: Floral Pumps For Spring
Watch Jennifer Lawrence Dance Her Heart Out In This Deleted "American Hustle" Scene
Jake Gyllenhaal Has Groomed Himself Into My Ideal Man
Selena Gomez Posts Maybe-Naked Pic On Instagram
Cops In Hawaii Still Want To Sleep With Sex Workers Before Arresting Them
Shailene Woodley On The Advice She Got From Jennifer Lawrence
Meet Elizabeth Raine, The 27-Year-Old Med Student Auctioning Off Her Virginity
Beauty Breakdown: January Jones' Retro Glam Lashes & Bright Red Lips
In Which A 67-Year-Old Teaches Us About Sperm Facials
Update: New Craigslist Posting Claims The Fat Woman On The Boston T Was A Bully
Matthew Shepard's Mother Judy Shepard Releases Statement Regarding Fred Phelps' Death
10 DIY Beauty Treatments For Hopeless Klutzes
New York Movie Theater Invites Babies To See "Nymphomaniac" For Free
The Soapbox: "Divergent" Is A Bible-Thumping Disaster
Watch This Nun Kill An Alicia Keys Song On "The Voice" Italy
Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Take Over The Cover Of <i>Vogue</i>
True Story: An Update On A Psychic Prediction About My Love Life
A Great Way To Mourn Guys Who've Ghosted
Girl Talk: My Rape Ruined My Female Friendships
Stop The Presses: Madonna Posted A Photo Of Her Hairy Armpit On Instagram
Dying: This Video Of A Guy Freaking Out Because His Girlfriend Just Can't Is Literally Everything
Beauty Test Drive: Essie Fill The Gap Treatment For Nail Ridges
Renee Oteri From "The Bachelor" Just Got Married!
10 Possible Reactions To Your Own Farts (in GIFs)
Watch The Most Mind-Blowing Cover Of "Wake Me Up" You've Ever Experienced
Frisky Eats: Crazy For Couscous!
Pamela Anderson Poses Nude At 46
Newly Discovered Dinosaur Was The 'Chicken From Hell'
Leggings, Yoga Pants Banned From Middle School Because They Are "Too Distracting For Boys"
Dude Covers Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" In 20 Different Styles
A Man Bought A Dog This Weekend That Cost More Than Your House
Shailene Woodley Shares Her Other Essential Beauty Tip (Besides Tanning Your Vagina)
A Live-Action "Jem & The Holograms" Is Coming, Which Means It's Time For Some Crappy Photoshop!
Oh My God I Love Your Hair: Quick Date Night Curls
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