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Mary-Kate Olsen Is Engaged To Olivier Sarkozy & Philip Seymour Hoffman's Cause Of Death Announced
Georgia Judge Orders New Trial Because Woman With Down Syndrome "Didn't Behave Like A Victim"
What Would You Call This Fur Boob Muff That Rihanna Is Wearing?
The Cyclone Standalone Is A "Sexual Home Appliance" That Will Haunt Your Dreams -- Plus, The Duke Porn Star Speaks
Yeah, Bitch! Aaron Paul Is In "Serious Talks" To Appear In "Breaking Bad" Spin-Off
Man Arrested For Cocaine Possession Thought Drug "Wasn't Illegal In Florida"
Every Dress Worn By Best Actress Oscar Winners, 1929-Present
Jared Leto In <i>Flaunt</i> Is Too Pretty To Be Denied
Guy Talk: Sex Isn't A Commodity That Women Exchange
James Franco Salami On White & 3 Other Celeb Sandwiches Coming Soon To A Deli Near You
Lupita Nyong'o: "There Is No Shame In Black Beauty"
Style Muse: California Dreamin'
4 Insane Behind-The-Scenes Details Of A Movie Sex Scene
11 Cliches About Life That Are Actually True — In GIFs!
Study: When The Rich Marry Each Other, It's Bad For The 99 Percent
Woman Marrying Her Bicycle Is Raising Money For Their Dream Honeymoon
Winona Ryder Swears She Does Actually Age (Plus, You'll Never Believe Who Her Landlord Is)
Dealbreaker: He Didn't Tell Me He Was Engaged Until We Were About To Have Sex
Life Dream Status: Someone Invented Dishes That Wash Themselves
Single Ladies, Here Are 11 Exciting Things To Plan (That Aren't A Wedding)
Report: Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Are Engaged!
Date-Ade Episode #12: On Sex With A Co-Worker & Having The Flu
Oh My God I Love Your Hair: The Rock 'N' Roll Pouf
Random Single Gal Recipe: Pretty In Pink Pasta With Beets, Zucchini, And Mozzarella
James Franco Is Getting His Own Film Festival Called FrancoFest
Spain Is Close To Banning Abortion
Snoop Continues To Have The Best French Tips In The Rap Game
Seth Rogen's Witty, Yet Heartfelt Plea For Battling Alzheimer
<i>Rolling Stone</i> Puts Justin Bieber On The Cover, Apparently Explains Why He "Just Won't Behave"
February 27: What Are We Wearing Today?
The Daily Squee: We Need To Talk About This Baby Anteater
Creeptastic "American Horror Story: Coven" Fan Art Worth Framing
Surprise! The #1 Word Used To Describe Snapchat By College Students Is "Narcissistic"
An Ode To The Woman Who Attempted To Shoplift 330 Pizza Rolls From Walmart
What Kind Of Music Does Your State Listen To The Most?
Mommie Dearest: A Pregnant Person Is A Person First
Yoga Guru Bikram Choudhury's Rape Accusers Speak On "Nightline"
Ask A Married Guy: "My Boyfriend Is Suddenly Being Weird About Moving In Together"
Sarah Jessica Parker Thinks "Sex And The City" Represents A Kinder Time For Female Friendship
Ever Wondered What Marilyn Monroe Would Look Like With A Neck Tattoo?
8 Reasons More Women Don't Write About Sex
Paula Deen Compares Herself To "That Black Football Player" Who Just Came Out (Yes, Really)
Adam Sandler Sings About Loving Drew Barrymore's Boobs Forever On "The Tonight Show"
Artist Envisions Political Figures As Drag Queens (In GIFs)
Allison Williams Is Engaged To College Humor Founder Ricky Van Veen
Funny Girl Sex Guide: Types Of Travel Sex (Part 1!)
Four-Year-Old And Her Mom Flawlessly Recreate Red Carpet Dresses ... With Construction Paper
Dear Prudence Counsels Woman Whose Boyfriend Likes To Initiate Sex After Diarrhea
Erin Andrews Is Supposed To Get More Men Watching "Dancing With The Stars" Or Something
Same-Sex Marriage Ban Struck Down In Texas
"Dunkin Love" Is Proof That Both Beyonce And Donuts Make Everything Better
Robin Thicke Breaks His Silence Post-Split, Thanks Fans For Their Support
World's Touchiest Woman Snarls At Any Job Seekers Who Contact Her On LinkedIn
Beauty Test Drive: S.W. Basics Reusable Eco Cotton Rounds
How Rape, Accidents Persist At Frat Houses
Get In My Mouth: Ben & Jerry's New Core Ice Cream Flavors
5 Clues That His Hipster Beard Is Fake, Fake, Fake!
Dying: Jared Leto's Oscar Hair May Be A "Side-Parted Low Bun," Possibly With A "Wet Look"
Frisky Rant: 8 Parting Words Of Advice For The Cheating Husband Who Had An Affair With His Intern
Last Night's Big Fight On "The Bachelor" Basically Came Down To The Word "Default"
Watch This Kitten Wiggle Her Ears While Being Bottle-Fed
I Haven't Had An Abortion, But I Would
Nursing Home Residents Recreate Famous Movie Scenes (Because You're Never Too Old To Play Dress-Up)
Dater X: Owning Up To My Dating Dealbreakers
Kristen Bell Loves NPR And "The Big Lebowski" Just Like The Rest Of Us!
Celebrity Selfies Are So Much Better With Puppies In Them
13 Things I Would Like To Shout At Carrie Bradshaw While Shaking Her By The Shoulders
Paul Rudd And Jimmy Fallon Have A Lip Sync Battle On "The Tonight Show"
Report: Katy Perry & John Mayer Break Up (Yet Again)
35 Milestones Of Female Friendship
This Singing Uterus Will Teach You About The Joys Of Menopause
Muppet Selfies Are The Best Kind Of Selfies
Lena Dunham Is Hosting "Saturday Night Live" & Video Released Of Sam Worthington Punching Paparazzo
Quiz: Are You Ready To Be A Mom?
Amanda Berry, Gina de Jesus & Michelle Knight Received Courage Awards For Their Bravery
Now You <i>Really</i> Can Be A Card-Carrying Feminist
A Man Had Sex With A Domino's Pizza And … Burned His Penis
Style Stealer: Keri Russell's Seriously Sexy Suit Situation
Listen To All The Songs From Tonight's "Frenemies" Episode Of "Glee" (And Join Us Tonight To Live Tweet!)
The Science Behind Our Sriracha Obsession
Man Gets Spider Tattoo To Combat Arachnophobia
In Case You Were Wondering, Pit Bulls Look Adorable In A Photo Booth
12 Signs Mons Pubis Is The New Underboob On The Red Carpet
Thanks, I Made It Myself: 10 Lovely Ways To Use A Bit Of Lace
Teens Discover The Real Danger Of Selfies: Lice
<i>People</i> Claims They Won't Post Paparazzi Photos Of Celebs' Kids Except When They Feel Like It, Which Is Probably Always
Leighton Meester Is A Feminist & Betty Friedan Is Her Role Model
The Most Mesmerizing, Soul-Destroying Porno GIF You'll Ever See (NSFW)
Nothing Says Romance Like 365 Penis Pics
Colorado Girl Scouts Put The Kibosh On Selling Cookies Outside Of Pot Shops
Girl Talk: You <i>Can</i> Run Away From Some Problems
Woman Gives Birth On NYC Sidewalk & The Local News Caught It All On Tape
Amy Poehler Helps Out An Old Pal On The Premiere Of "Late Night With Seth Meyers"
Compassionate Fashion: Show Me Your MuMu
Robin Thicke Made A Last Ditch Attempt To Save His Marriage
Dating Don'ts: Suggested Mourning Timelines For 3 Different Kinds Breakups
Memo To My Frisky Coworkers: I Shall Be Speaking Via The Beyonce Soundboardt From Now On
12 Celebs We Love To Hate (And Hate To Love)
Lena Dunham Had No Idea Her Boyfriend Jack Antonoff Dated Scarlett Johansson Until She Saw It On A Blog
Boston University Feminists Want Robin Thicke Concert Cancelled
Uganda To Punish "Aggravated" Homosexuality With Life Imprisonment
I See What You're Doing, Usher!
RIP: Harold Ramis, 69, Has Died
5 Online Dating Tips From The Most Desirable Woman On OKCupid
Robin Thicke & Paula Patton Announce That They're Separating
Not This Crap Again: Virginia Politician Calls Pregnant Women "Hosts"
Toddler Just Can't Handle Listening to Her Parents' Wedding Song
Style Stealer: Reese Witherspoon Is Pretty In Purple
Kickass Woman Of The Day: Dr. Drew's Daughter Paulina Pinsky Is A Body Positivity Activist
"I Am The King Of Trolls": An Actual Troll (We Think) Responds To My 18 Sincere Questions For Internet Trolls
3nder Is Like Tinder But For Threesomes, Yay?
Heated Panty Liners: Brilliant Method For Easing Period Pains Or Weird Way To Set Your Vagina On Fire?
Girl Talk: It Isn't Easy Dating Someone With OCD
These Book Sculptures Give Pages A Life Of Their Own
Life Dream Status: Amtrak Is Offering Writers' Residencies
Minnesota Nursing Home Defends Rapist, Calls 89-Year-Old Victim "A Flirt"
Life After Dating: 15 Highly Annoying Habits You Should Overlook In Your Relationship (And 9 You Shouldn't)
Lorde & Taylor Swift Are Just A Couple Of BFFs Shopping Together Like OMG
13 Mature Fashion Icons (And How To Dress Like Them Now)
Alec Baldwin Says "Goodbye" To Public Life & Oprah Gets Photobombed By Idris Elba
Here Is A Photo Of Miley Cyrus Sticking Her Roving Tongue In Katy Perry's Mouth
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of February 24-March 2, 2014
Can You Guess The Now-Famous 9-Year-Old?
Etsy Spotlight: "Magic" Lotion Bars For Your Sad, Dry Skin
Miley Cyrus Does Country Cover Of "Hey Ya" (And It's Shockingly Good)
Turn Your Sex Fantasies Into Reality
Watch A Cake Artist Recreate Michelangelo's "The Creation Of Adam" With Frosting, Marshmallows, And Sprinkles
Lingerie Fashion Week: Affinitas & Parfait
The Case For Being Friends With An Ex
Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Flip Through <i>Darling</i> Magazine, Listen To Brandy Clark & Watch "Bates Motel"
Frisky Eats: 13 Super Tasty Reasons To Cook With A Cast Iron Skillet
Lingerie Fashion Week: Clare Bare
6 Things No One Wants To Hear About Your Job
Lingerie Fashion Week: FYI By Dani Read
New Survey Says You're Never Too Old To Pop Bubble Wrap
Jared Leto Has Liza Minnelli's Vote For Best Supporting Actor And That's Really All That Matters
Lingerie Fashion Week: Negative
A (Secret) Oscar Voter Shares What Goes On Behind The Scenes
15 Things That Make Guys Completely Undateable
Lingerie Fashion Week: Black Bird Underpinnings
Lingerie Fashion Week: Iris London
Style Stealer: Hilary Duff Makes Me Want To Brave White Jeans
Depressed? Blame It On Your Cat
South Korean High School Students Go Nuts In Yearbook Photos
In Case You Are Wondering What Dita Von Teese Looks Like With A Spray Tan
Lamar Odom On Khloe Kardashian: "Even If We Divorced, She Would Always Be My Wife"
Chelsea Handler Blasts <i>New York Times</i> For Gender Bias In Story About Late Night Hosts
Oh My God I Love Your Hair: Choppy Bob With Blunt Bangs
Electric Condoms: Coming Soon To A Penis Near You
RIP Society: South Carolina Wants To Pull Funding From Colleges For Teaching "Gay" Books
Victoria Beckham Bought Boobs, Then Returned Them
Awful Dentist Fondles Female Patient's Boobs To Fix Her Crooked Teeth
Style Stealer: Kate Mara Keeps Her Style In Check
Farrah Abraham Wanted An Abortion But Her Mom Said "That's Not Going To Happen"
Lupita Nyong'o Jokes About Jared Leto Dating Rumors On "Ellen"
Supercut: Matthew McConaughey Sure Is A Bummer On "True Detective"
10 Luxe Items You Need That Are Worth The Splurge
Ronan Farrow Talks Going To College At 11 On "The Daily Show"
True Story: I Wrote A Scathing Obituary About My Mother (And I Have No Regrets)
The Gift Bags For Oscar Losers Include A Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment & A Lifetime Supply Of Maple Syrup
18 Sincere Questions I Would Like To Ask Internet Trolls
New Spanking Law Would Make It Legal For Parents To Leave Kids Black And Blue
Girl Scout Nearly Doubles Her Cookie Sales By Setting Up Shop Outside A Cannabis Club
Lena Dunham Responds To Jezebel's <i>Vogue</i> Photo-Retouching Gaffe
15 Hairstyles Every Woman Has Tried (And Why)
Do You Need A Social Media Cone Of Shame?
Michelle Obama Brings Kale Chips To "Ew!" With Jimmy Fallon & Will Ferrell
17 Tested & Approved Self-Soothing Techniques For Every Manner Of Meltdown
Date-Ade Episode #11: On Sandwiches & Seatmates
"Modern Family" Star Sarah Hyland Groped By Stranger Outside Of Party
And The Best Tasting Flavored Condom Is...
Can You Guess Which State Is The Happiest?
Most Of Us Won't Live Long Enough To See Gender Parity Among Leaders
The Daily Squee: Exhausted Meerkat Tries To Resist Sleep
Little Kids Reenact Oscar Best Picture Nominees, And I Want To Keep One
Poll: Would You Share Your Secrets On New Confessional App 'Secret'?
Lorde's Style Icons Are David Bowie & Grace Jones, Of Course
Frisky Eats: It's Time For A Taco Party
5 Relationship Zones Worse Than 'The Friend Zone'
The Sexiest Drinks To Order On A Date Are…
14 Reasons Richard Simmons' Instagram Feed Is Everything
"Dear Abby" Straightens Out Florida Bigots Whining Over Social Exclusion
Ask A Married Guy: "Why Is My Boyfriend So ... In-Between?"
This Is A $30,000 Vibrating Musical Waterbed (With Mood Lighting!)
Please Enjoy Jonah Hill & Maroon 5 Singing This Awesomely Bad Song About Handjobs
Mommie Dearest: How Friendships Change When You Have Kids
Old Douche Unearthed Near New York's City Hall
12 Signs You're An Introvert (Presented By Adorable Animals)
Brian Williams And Lester Holt Do Flawless "Cover" Of "Rapper's Delight" On "The Tonight Show"
Lady Gaga Bitten By A Slow Loris!
Funny Girl Sex Guide: Debunking Some Female Masturbation Myths
#OnlineDatingFail: Your First Message Shouldn't Be About Panties
11 Naturally Occurring Instances Of Tree Porn (SFW)
Philip Seymour Hoffman's Will Left Out His Two Daughters
2014 Report On Women's Status In U.S. Media Finds Same Shit, Different Day
Ellen Degeneres And Portia De Rossi Are Still Blissfully In Love, Thank You Very Much
Alleged Nude Photo Of Emma Stone Hits The Web -- But Is It Her?
"Baby Selfie" App Lets Kiddos Take Their Own Baby Photos
See Which States Last The Longest In The Sack (Spoiler Alert: Nobody's Breaking 10 Minutes)
Must Haves: <i>Secret</i> An Early Spring With Pretty Pastels
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