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The Women Behind "Portlandia"'s Real Feminist Book Store Are Livetweeting The Super Bowl
Anti-Abortion Christian Groups Push "Cookie-cott" Of The Girl Scouts
Check Out Paz De La Huerta As A Sex-Crazed, Naughty Nurse
Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Built An Adult-Sized Version Of The Little Tikes Coupe
Sirs Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen Are Pumped For The Super Bowl
New Moms In The UAE Are Now <i>Required</i> To Breastfeed For Two Years
Traditional Russian Wedding Photos: I Approve
Oh My God I Love Your Hair: The Criss-Cross Ponytail
From Jesus Sightings To Yeezus Sightings: Kanye West Appears On Woman's Kneecap
Astrology 101: The Aquarius Love Compatibility Guide
This Woman Pukes Colored Soy Milk On Canvas And Calls It Art
Sorority Girls Are Now Pooping In Their Dorm Hallways
Girl Talk: My Husband's Imaginary Wife
Amy Poehler Compares Hollywood To A Bad Boyfriend, Feminism To A Car
The Soapbox: For The Most Feminist Marriage On TV, Look To Denmark's Drama "Borgen"
Watch This: Man Makes Sweet Coming Out Video Through The Eyes Of His Dog
RIP Colonel Meow!
Super Bowl Sunday Means A Whole Lot Of Human Trafficking, And It's Our Job To Stay Aware
12 Of The Weirdest Misconceptions Guys Have About Our Periods (In GIFs!)
Will Sarah Jessica Parker Take Over <i>Vogue</i>?
Must Haves: 14 Small Crossbody Bags To Hold All Your Essential Shit
Justin Bieber's DUI Toxicology Report Reveals Pills, Pot
Woman Reveals The Batshit Insane & Hateful Anonymous Comments She Receives On Tumblr
The Daily Squee: Watch This Puppy Try To Rescue His Own Reflection
The Most Violent & Gruesome "Stay In School" PSA That You'll Ever See (NSFW)
4 Random Things We Learned About Men From "That Awkward Moment"
How To Live Life The Oprah Way (Even Though You're Broke And Totally Not Oprah)
American Apparel's Latest Lingerie Model Is A Gorgeous, Grey-Haired 62-Year-Old
Amanda Knox Found Guilty Of Murder (Again)
Study: White Men Are Still The Preferred Guest For Sunday Morning Talk Shows
Vintage Shopping Guide: 15 Amazing Retro Pieces And Where We'd Wear Them
Watch Jimmy Fallon Bask In The Joy Of Yet Another "Full House" Reunion
Silly Questions: What Would Your Personalized Pubic Hairstyle Look Like?
You Cheated: Now Give Me My Kidney Back!
Frisky Q&A: Joyce Maynard, Author Of <i>Labor Day</i> & Kate Winslet's Personal Pie Instructor
Cronut Lovers, Meet The Doughscuit
Republican Senator Rand Paul Wants To Stop Moms On Welfare From Having More Babies
True Story: On Being A Young Widow
Lily Allen: Women Are Expected To Look Pretty And Not Talk
J.Crew Hints At Lower Prices, Follows Up With "LOL JK"
Date-Ade Episode #8: On Jackhammering & Jackasses
Miley Cyrus Twerks With Madonna, Sings Countrified Versions Of Her Songs On "Unplugged"
8 Vacation Photos That I Didn't Share On Instagram
Rihanna Photobombs The "Full House" Dads
Justin Bieber Arrested For Alleged Assault Of Limo Driver
Watch Guys Try -- And Fail -- To Guess The Price Of A Basic Black Bra
White House Petition To "Deport Justin Bieber" Gains 100,000 Dis-Beliebing Signatures
This Is A Picture Of Harry Styles' Ass, You're Welcome
January 29: What Are We Wearing Today?
<i>The Nation</i>'s Toxic Twitter Wars Piece On Feminism Needed To Be Said
Dream Job Alert: This Woman Makes Major Bank Letting Strangers Watch Her Eat
Must Haves: 10 Pairs Of Pretty D'Orsay Flats
It's Time To Cry: The Trailer For "The Fault In Our Stars" Has Arrived!
The Most Realistic Detail I've Ever Seen On A Bikini Ad
It Happened To Me: I Saw A White Girl On My Train And I’m Suddenly Feeling Uncomfortable With It
I Can't Wear That (Or Can I?): Stylish Sneakers
Sienna Miller Talks Right And Wrong In The Wake Of Daniel Craig Cheating Scandal
Mommie Dearest: What If The Media Reported On Male Politicians Who Are Fathers Like It Reports On Wendy Davis?
5 Imagined Ways “American Horror Story: Coven” Could—And Should—End
Funny Girl Sex Guide: 7 Steps To A Terrible, No Good, Very Bad First Date
"Fifty Shades Of Grey"'s Year-Long Publicity Campaign Has Begun
Dater X: I Was Worrying About The Wrong Thing
Why Didn't Mizzou Report Sasha Menu Courey's Sexual Assault?
Thanks, I Made It Myself: 8 Awesome DIY Vases
Michelle Obama Wears Azzedine Alaia To State Of The Union Address
The 5 Stages Of Winter Insanity (In GIFs!)
Read Your Books And Feel Them Too With "Sensory Fiction"
Frisky Rant: On That White Woman Who Saw A Black Woman At Yoga And Wrote An Embarrassingly Tone Deaf Essay About It For xoJane
Rutgers Is Offering A Course Called "Politicizing Beyoncé"
Fox News Gathers 4 Men For Panel Discussion About "War On Women"
Abercrombie & Fitch's Jerk Of A CEO Has Lost His Chairman Title
Did Pharrell's Grammy Hat Turn You On? Plus, Some Thoughts On Foreskin
Lorde's Birth Certificate Has Hit The Internet, And Yes, She's Actually 17
'Grandma Showers' Are The Most Ridiculous Thing Since ... Baby Showers
Brace Yourselves, "Mexico Shore" Is About To Become A Thing
Cara Delevingne & Michelle Rodriguez Get Matching IV Drips
"ANITA" Documentary Explores Anita Hill's Sexual Harassment Nightmare
Style Stealer: Anna Kendrick's Cool & Affordable Topshop Skater Dress
This Cat Has Lived At Home Depot For 13 Years And Was Almost Evicted Last Week
14 Ways To Seduce A Farmer
4 Ways We're Programmed To Think Women Aren't Funny
Watch Vin Diesel Dance To Beyonce & Katy Perry For 7 Minutes
Porn Star Christy Mack Is Just A "Whore That Likes Legos"
Guy Talk: 7 Songs I Refuse To Listen To During Sex
It's Time To Cry: Dying Dad Writes 826 Lunchbox "Napkin Notes" For His Daughter
It's Not Over Until The Opera Singer Farts
Dating Don'ts: On Loving Someone With Mental Illness
Is Scarlett Johansson's SodaStream Ad Really Too Hot For The Super Bowl?
10 Superficial Questions Every Woman Wonders At The Gynecologist
Zooey Deschanel Is Designing Dresses For Tommy Hilfiger
RIP Pete Seeger: Legendary Folk Singer Passes Away At Age 94
Frisky Eats: Bacon For Everyone!
Alright, Alright, Cat Ladies (And Gents): Here Are The Stars Of The Kitten Half-Time Show At Puppy Bowl X
Elizabeth Banks Will Direct "Pitch Perfect 2"
No Arms, No Problem For This Young Trumpeter
Another "Bachelor" Wedding Goes Off Without A Hitch!
Louisiana's Abortion Clinics May Soon Close Thanks To New "Emergency" Regulations
Catholic School Refuses To Rehire Vice Principal Ousted For Being Gay
<i>Marie Claire Australia</i> Asks Six Agencies To Create Body Positive Ads — Here's What They Come Up With
Say What? Super Bowl Ticket Prices Are Nuts
"Girls" Star Jemima Kirke Presents A Short Film On The History Of Women In Art
Prepare To Aww: It's The 2014 Puppy Bowl Starting Lineup!
This Real Life Interpretation Of A Conference Call Is Hilariously, Awkwardly Accurate
Etsy Spotlight: 7 Cool Crystal Necklaces
Listen Up: Lea Michele Releases Catchy New Song, "What Is Love?"
All The Stars On The Red Carpet At The 2014 Grammy Awards!
Let's All Move To Sweden, Where There's A Vagina Mural At A Middle School
Life After Dating: A Look Back At 4 Strange Things I Did While Single
Texas Court Forces Hospital To Take Brain Dead Pregnant Woman Off Life Support
11 Most Annoying Conversations To Overhear At A Coffee Shop
Meet Sean Bishop And Taylor Knuth, One Of The Couples That Got Married At The Grammys Last Night
The Best Moments At The 2014 Grammy Awards (In Pics, GIFs & Videos)
Margaret Cho (!!!) Joins Tina Fey's New Sitcom (!!!)
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of January 27-February 2, 2014
I'm Not So Sure About, The Nail-Polish-Of-The-Month Club
Forget Birds, Flags & Mottos: What's Your State Cocktail?
The Dessert Dilemma: Bad For You, Good For Your Family
Cheers! Beer-Flavored Jelly Beans Have Arrived
5 Facts Everyone Gets Wrong About Depression
Live Tweet With The Frisky For The 2014 Grammy Awards!
Street Style Star Of The Week: Emma Stone
10 Ways Men Are Shockingly Simple
Science Says Facebook Is An Actual Epidemic, And It Will Die Out Sooner Than You Think
Study: Yes, Texting While Walking Is Horrible For You
Even "Laughter Yoga" Won't Make Disgruntled Travelers Joyful About Major Delays
Watch Vanessa Hudgens Fangirl Over Meeting Meryl Streep
Study Shows That TV Viewers Prefer Not To Multitask
Charlie Hunnam Is Within Driving Distance, What Should I Do?
Patti LaBelle Would Like You To Know That Today's Pop Stars Are "Little Heifers"
How To Deal When a Guy Is Having Issues In the Bedroom
Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Pre-Order Sara Barron's <i>The Harm In Asking</i>, Listen To Birdy & Scarf Down Sweet Potato Nachos
5 Tips For Awkward People Looking To Make New Friends
OMG I Love Your Hair: The Infinity Bun
If A Deer Farts In A Forest, Does It Make A Sound?
Mathematician Cracks OKCupid, Finds Wife
That's A Lot Of Look: Paris Hilton's Dress May Be Ugly, But Her Wax Is Impeccable
Justin Bieber Still Not In Rehab (Or Canada) Yet
Republican Candidate Says Gay Marriage Makes God Punish Us With AIDS
A Sex Toy That Simulates Female Oral -- Plus, The Sex Positions Women Hate
We Have A Winner: Where's The Most Awkward Place You've Been Caught Hooking Up?
This Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL Makes Perfect Sense To Me
Elementary School Teacher Kaitlin Pearson Suspended After Semi-Nude Modeling Photos Anonymously Sent To Boss
Must Haves: 7 Pretty Popovers
What Would You Say to this Rubber Ducky Condom?
"Guy's Guide To Birth Control" Is The Sexiest Thing You'll See All Day
Can A Doll Really Be Your Soul Mate?
School Bus Sex Ends With A Very Loud Queef
An Inner Monologue While Coughing All Night
Model Takes A Break From Kicking Cancer's Butt To Get Back In Front Of The Camera
Allison Williams On Marnie's Masturbation Scene On "Girls"
Girl Talk: My Boyfriend Goes To Strip Clubs (And I Don't Care)
10 Geeky Leggings To Ogle
Jennifer Westfeldt, Jon Hamm & Jon Hamm's Balls Go For A Stroll
Family Of Brain Dead Pregnant Woman Being Kept Alive By Texas Hospital Goes To Court
8 More Realistic Types Of Female Orgasms
How To Wear All Those Fashion Trends That Men Hate
10 New Weirdest, Worst Fears Inspired By The Porcupine That Fell On A Woman's Head
Radio Station Censors Beyoncé's "Drunk In Love" Over Domestic Violence Lyrics
10 Pros (And A Few Cons) Of Dating A Sensitive Guy
Ladies, It's Time To Take Your Vagina To The Gym
Ummm ... Am I On A Date Right Now?
Tori Spelling's Husband Dean McDermott Checks Into Rehab
FBI Arrests "Revenge Porn King" Hunter Moore
Awesome New Diesel Ads Feature Model In Wheelchair
Bad Idea: Developer Makes Google Glass Sex App
The 5 Most Tragic Claims In A Cheerleader's Lawsuit Against The Oakland Raiders
All The Updates On Justin Bieber's DUI Arrest
This Parody Fits Every Indie Movie Cliche Into Under 3 Minutes
5 Dating Lessons From "That Awkward Moment"
Ladies: Mike Huckabee Says If You Use Contraception, You Can't Control Your Libido
Judge Orders Newspaper To Name Online Commenters
Study: Men Are More Forgetful Than Women (Try To Look Surprised!)
When The Moon Hits Your Eye Like A Big Pizza Pie, That's Hillary Clinton
Frisky Rant: "Pro-Bush" Is The Stupidest Phrase To Describe Women With Pubic Hair
Oprah's Modeling Days Might Be Over
Dealbreaker: He Kicked My Dog
The Daily Squee: A Skateboarding Cat Is Just As Amazing As She Sounds
Mommie Dearest: 6 Things To Consider When Bringing Babies To Restaurants
San Francisco Is Opening A Cat Cafe
Oh My God I Love Your Hair: Pretty Pigtails For Grown-Ups
Whaaat: There Will Be A "Full House" Reunion On Super Bowl Sunday (Sort Of)
Justin Bieber Arrested For DUI, Drag Racing
A Tinder Profile Photo That Will Definitely Get You Noticed
Watch This: A Compelling Argument For Cooking At Home
20 Things We Wish Would Happen At The Grammy Awards That Would Actually Make The Show Exciting
No Human Teeth For Ke$ha In Rehab
Republican Politician Cites Bible, Writes That Wives Should Submit To Husbands
Watch This Polar Bear Cub Take His First Bath!
Craigslister Tries To Sell His "Very Real And Relatable Couch" With The Endorsement Of Lena Dunham
President Obama Announces Initiative Against Sexual Assault On College Campuses
Must Haves: 20 Pairs Of Snow Boots To Conquer Any "Polar Vortex"-Like Situation
19-Year-Old Tennis Champ Eugenie Bouchard Asked Stupid/Sexist Question About Her Celebrity Dream Date
30 Communication Tips For A Healthy Relationship
Pussy Riot Is Headed To Brooklyn!
Poll: Have You Ever Stalked An Ex's New Flame?
Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Posted A Craigslist Ad For Someone To Take Him On A Taco Bell Run During The Blizzard
The Soapbox: The Real Problem With Skin Lightening Cosmetics
In Which A Unicorn Has Sex With A Rainbow
Funny Girl Sex Guide: A Few Reasons Why You Might Be Bad In Bed
This Is How Gwen Stefani Does Maternity Style
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