The Year In Year-End Roundups: Everything The Blogosphere Thought Was Important In 2014

So many year-end lists, so little time, so we’ve rounded up the best of 2014’s year-end roundups just for you…


  • Vladimir Putin is the 10th most admired man in America, right under Benjamin Netanyahu and Bill O’Reilly. Yes, really. [The Atlantic]

  • Here’s the year in Obamacare. [Daily Kos]

  • Edward Crawford (the iconic Ferguson protester) and the “apparently” kid were some of Gawker’s favorite people of the year. [Gawker]

  • Donald Sterling, people freaking out over Ebola, and Bill Cosby were some of the biggest losers of the year. [The Root]

  • The Columbia Journalism Review named Don Lemon the worst journalist of 2014. [NewsOne]

  • Bitcoin was the worst-performing currency of 2014. Shocker. [Entrepreneur]

  • 16 of GQ’s 20 craziest politicians are Republicans, just so you know. [GQ]

  • Obama’s popularity roller coaster was Yahoo’s biggest politics story of the year. [Yahoo]

  • It is pretty fuckin’ cool that we landed a spacecraft on a comet, one of the most kickass moments of this year. [Spiked]

  • Horse-drawn carriages are falling out of favor and foie gras bans are upheld in some of the year’s biggest animal rights wins. [One Green Planet]

  • Despite Congress being zero help, President Obama did manage a few important accomplishments in 2014, not least of all immigration reform. [Talking Points Memo]

  • Awful conflicts in places like Libya and the Sudans were underreported in 2014. [Washington Post]

  • Grand juries reviewing police misconduct and abortion clinic closures top the list of 2014’s worst civil liberties violations. [Slate]


  • Suspended animation and technologically-aided telepathy were some of the coolest breakthroughs of 2014. [io9]

  • Ebola was the biggest health news story of 2014, of course. [Refinery29]

  • “The future is bougie”! Among the most amazing technological advancements of the year isa toaster that you can control from your smartphone. [Daily Dot]

  • Apparently there were a whole bunch of really cool dinosaur discoveries in 2014! [Mental Floss]

  • One of the coolest science facts we learned this year is that there’s an Earth-sized planet about 500 light years away from us. [Buzzfeed]

  • City governments started to take the lead on sustainability in 2014. [Sustainable Cities Collective]


  • FKA Twigs and Aphex Twin had two of the most fascinating album covers of 2014. [Flavorwire]

  • St. Vincent and Emily Danger made two of the best albums of the year. [Death and Taxes]

  • Wait, wait, no, the best album of 2014 is definitely FKA Twigs’ LP1. [HYPETRAK]

  • Or maybe the best album was actually D’Angelo’s Black Messiah. [Metacritic]

  • But Rob Sheffield over at Rolling Stone says the best album of the year was actually by Parquet Courts, though Taylor Swift’s 1989 came in second. [Rolling Stone]

  • “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and the re-up of “Veronica Mars” were two pieces of pop culture that were worth the anticipation this year. [A.V. Club]

  • Check out Mashable’s playlist of the best 150 songs of 2014, starting with Jenny Lewis’ “She’s Not Me.” [Mashable]

  • Pitchfork has the best punk songs of 2014. [Pitchfork]

  • Female characters kicked ass in 2014, making this the year women ruled in video games. pPolygon]

  • Here are the best indie films you didn’t see in 2014, including one that stars the guy who plays Petyr Baelish from “Game of Thrones.” [IndieWire]

  • Alexandre Desplat’s score for “The Grand Budapest Hotel” was the best film score of the year. [HitFix]

  • President Obama on Between Two Ferns is one of the greatest cameos of 2014. [Complex]

  • CBS has the best movie moments of 2014. [CBS]

  • Forbes says the worst movie of the year was “Exodus,” and I’m prepared to believe that, but what about “Saving Christmas”? [Forbes]

  • Buckcherry released the worst song of the year, and I didn’t know that Buckcherry was still around, so there’s that. [Grantland]

  • “Wild,” “Regarding Susan Sontag,” and “Obvious Child” were some of the best feminist films this year. [Ms. Magazine]

  • Female horror directors were on the rise in 2014. [Roger Ebert]


  • Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie beat out Justin Bieber tweeting in all caps for the most popular celebrity tweet of 2014. [Buzzfeed]

  • Here are all of the Ariana Grande rumors that circulated in 2014. [Gawker]

  • Jennifer Lawrence is the top-grossing actor of 2014. [Flavorwire]

  • Here are 21 celebrities who wore affordable clothing this year and oh my god why is that a big deal. [Buzzfeed]

  • Here’s the year in celebrities hating each other. Side note: The headline is “The Year in Beef” and I was really hoping it was literally beef, but no. [SPIN]

  • Apparently there were enough great Daniel Radcliffe moments in 2014 to make a whole listicle, so if you happen to really, really love Daniel Radcliffe, this one’s for you. [Buzzfeed]

  • Russell Brand is a “hero” for his revolutionary rhetoric this year. A “hero.” Did anyone even really pay attention to that? [The Guardian]


  • Here are the most viral videos of 2014. Remember that foul-mouthed little girl who resented being interrupted while she was trying to sing songs from Frozen? Ah, the internet. [Daily Edge]

  • Watch the best news bloopers of 2014. [Death & Taxes]

  • Check out a video of the most-edited Wikipedia articles of 2014. [Viral Viral Videos]

  • Steve Rosenthal’s parody of a Jay Sean commercial is the best parody video of the year, followed by Too Many Cooks and Boyoncé’s version of “7/11”. [Daily Dot]

  • Drone videos became a thing in 2014, so here’s some of the best travel drone videos. [Skift]


  • Pull-apart pepperoni pizza bread was Tumblr’s favorite food of 2014. [Buzzfeed]

  • Here are the most obnoxious Wall Street bars of 2014, but really, isn’t that shooting fish in a barrel? [Business Insider]

  • Were you into avocado toast this year? If not, you do not have taste buds and were obviously not hip to the food trends of the year. [Refinery29]

  • Read the best back-of-the-house restaurant stories of 2014. [Kitchenette]

  • Firestone Walker’s Easy Jack is in the lead for the best craft beer of 2014. [The Full Pint]

  • No, really, apparently Firestone Walker has made some damn good beer this year. [First We Feast]

  • Some weird stuff happened in coffee-related news this year. [DCN]

  • Waffle tacos were just one of the most bizarre food hybrids to appear in 2014. [Telegraph]


  • Rick Lowe, Pussy Riot, and Kara Walker were some of the most exciting artists this year. [ArtNet]

  • Check out Hammer Museum curator Connie Butler’s favorite L.A. exhibits of 2014. [Art in America]

  • Here are some of the most beautiful photographs of 2014 from around the world, week-by-week. [Huffington Post]

  • Art Basel is still Europe’s best art fair. Can I go? Does someone want to pay for my ticket? [ArtNet]

  • Here are the best travel photos of 2014. [500px]


  • Lumberjanes and Batgirl are some of the best comics and graphic novels of 2014. [io9]

  • Amy Poehler, Cary Elwes, and Neil Patrick Harris wrote the funniest books of the year. [Business Insider]

  • Roxane Gay apparently wrote both of the top two best queer and feminist books of 2014. [Autostraddle]


  • Hilariously, the most-Googled search term in New York this year was “What is a selfie?” LOLOLOLOLOL [Business Insider]

  • Remember that asymmetrical man thong? That and others are on the “2014 in WTF?” list. [Buzzfeed]

  • Facebook was the most popular app of the year. Boooooooring. [Business Insider]

  • 2014 was the year of net neutrality. [Slate]

  • The heart emoji was the most popular word of 2014. Oof. [Business Insider]

  • “Game of Thrones”was the most-pirated TV show of 2014. I WOULD NEVER. [The Mary Sue]

  • 2014 was the year Facebook started to realize how it hurts people. [SFist]

  • And Quartz made a Year in Review post for Facebook! It’s, um… it’s not looking so great. For users. [Quartz]

  • Here are some of the best mobile apps of 2014, one of which was designed for reporters in dangerous areas. [Fast Company]

  • Soooooo many data breaches happened this year. [Security Week]

  • Here are 17 hilarious Queer Tumblr pwns. [Buzzfeed]

  • Women in India pretty much owned 2014. [Buzzfeed]

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