David Duke Will Say What Other Politicians Hang Out With Him If Steve Scalise Is Not Left Alone

There’s a lot to be confused and surprised about when it comes to the scandal involving House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise. If you’re not up to date, Rep. Scalise has come under fire since it was revealed that in 2002, he spoke to a white supremacist group led by former KKK Grand Wizard/Louisiana Representative David Duke.

The most surprising/confusing thing of all is that he’s claiming that he simply had no idea that they were a white supremacist organization led by David Duke. Especially since the name of the group is the “European-American Unity and Rights Organization” or EURO (suspect!), and that Google had existed for four years by the time they asked him to speak.

I don’t know. I would have to think that if I were a politician, I would probably research a group with a name like that before I went out and spoke to them. Wouldn’t you?

I imagine that at the time, he just didn’t think it was that big of a deal. He probably thought he was just speaking to his constituents. And in Louisiana, let’s face it, that’s a pretty decent segment of the populace. They did, after all, once vote for Duke himself to represent them. Crazy racists vote too — and when they vote, they vote Republican. I’m not saying all Republicans are racists, but it’s pretty damned unlikely that someone at the point of wearing special racist outfits and posting on Stormfront is voting Democrat these days.

Duke says that Scalise was invited to the conference by his political adviser, Kenny Knight, and that Knight and Scalise were friends who would often discuss issues of importance to David Duke. He told the Washington Post, “All I know is that Kenny liked him. He thought Scalise, who remember was just a state representative, was sharp. They’d talk about the Hollywood system, about the war, whatever I was concerned about.”

Oh. Sure. Nothing weird or anti-Semitic-seeming about talking about the “Hollywood system” with a dude that hangs out with David Duke!

Scalise says that he cannot possibly be racist, because he represents a district that is 80 percent Catholic. Who that makes sense to, I cannot possibly imagine. I’m pretty sure Catholic people can be racist.

Anyway, David Duke thinks it is very unfortunate that everyone is picking on Steve Scalise just for hanging out with David Duke! Lots of people hang out with David Duke, he says! Even other people in politics! Lots of them! Both Democrat and Republican! And they listen to his ideas! Aaaaaaaand, he told Fusion.net…if people don’t stop picking on Scalise, he’s gonna start naming names.

Is that a threat or a promise, David Duke? Because actually, yeah. I think we’d all like to know if any politicians are hanging out with you. Because that’s horrifying.  You’re a terrible person who believes terrifying things, and if anyone is in cahoots with you, I think that’s something we’d like to hear about. [Washington Post]